Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catching up

I plan on posting some pictures and I wanted to take a few more before I did but alas the camera is dead.I will remedy that today and get some of the cute animals Griffin loves so much and some pictures of his big adventures walking outside.We also ran out of camcorder tape so we will fix that as well because we want to get him on video walking outside.......Be back soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'll live with it

The nausea that is-I just need to suck it up.Afterall it's for a good cause right.... Today was a nice day and I just spent it doing lots of laundry and Griffin and I went outside.He has become quite the little walker in our back yard. It's a bit uneven though so he has taken to pushing the stroller around the yeard...and around...and around,,,and around. He did get very upset with me today after we had went around like 30 times and mommy said ok time for a break.We have almost an acre and a half here so it is a huge yard. Yes my son is obsessive compulsive lol If I don't want him to stand on the rocking chair in his room he insists he has to do it over and over and if he is blocked he gets so mad at me I get fists shaken at me, a red face and tears and yelling.Not sure what he's saying but he sure is telling me where to go... Wonder wear he got that *rolls eyes* My neighbor has some pretty cool animals and I bring Griff over there to take a look. My neighbor has rabbits,chickens,ducks and dogs. Griffin is totally fascinated with the rabbits and there noses as they sniff him intensly. The chickens make a noise that he finds so funny and he laughs and reaches for them ...the poor chickens jump like a foot.I know they're thinking get whatever it is away from me I'm trying to eat crow here lol The rabbits are pretty skittish except one who looks big enough to eat Griffin for a snack and this is the one that Griffin seems to like the most.... I can't wait for this summer when he's a little bigger to take him to the petting zoo.. and camping.... I'm lucky,although he's obsessive compulsive, he's a happy easy going little fella most of the time and I love showing him all these new things.Sorry if this has been a bore I just haven't had a lot of good stuff to talk about lately so the little things that make me happy are what I've chosen to fill these blog pages.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today is not my day

I'm kind of out of commission.I am very nauseated and I hurt my back so badly it hurts to sit,lay down,stand,breathe you name it.My husband is gone for 3 days so I'm using my energy to chase after my son who is now running (and sometimes taking a nose dive he's going so fast).I have a heating pad on it the size of a placement and am just praying for a miracle right now.I'd love to take something for it that may ease my pain but hence I can not!! Sooooo I am just whining my sad whine to make me feel better.It isn't working yet but I'm hoping.Happy Monday!!!!!!!