Friday, March 21, 2008

What u find when u look

I've come across some different and interesting blogs in the past few days.Every one of them can teach me something! I need a little organization help and I think the new blogs I've added to my blog roll are if nothing else inspiring!! Not to mention the new recipes and tips I've found so helpful... So enough whining on here from me! Especially being a sahm, I am concerned about stretching that dollar every month and the first step in tackling any chore or mess is really organizing the mess first and then figuring out what goal you want to accomplish... Wether it be to get good deals on groceries or other items or organize your office-it never hurts to read about someone else doing it and how they do it successfully... I love new ideas..and I also truthfully need some help getting organized. Sometimes I just need some ideas to motivate myself... So I hope some of you check out the blogs like

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just so you know he pooped in My Hand

I think my post about missing my family and my husband really made me think..... I think my life has changed so much since I became a mom... for the better. To be honest my life was a bit boring and there was something missing in my life. I was over going to concerts and hanging out in the bar. I had been there done that. Not that I would never go to a concert again but the thought of the traffic,the waiting in line and *gasp* actually standing during the whole show is just no longer appealing to me. If I can get in quick and somehow sit down I'd probably be ok. Every day my son does something different (which is every day) I am inspired and I fill up with pride and my love for him just seems to grow. I think when I first became a mom I wasn't confident of my abilities and was a nervous wreck listening to people's advice and I was adjusting to my life being essentially gone I felt. Now I see it so differently because I have learned to embrace taking care of him, teaching him, watching him and my life feels so full of meaning and my life isn't gone it is just different.
Which leads me back to my post the other day where I whined about my husbands hours and being away from family and friends. It makes me sad I can't share my son with others. I wish I could show them what I talk about on the phone-it just isn't the same.I look forward to when my husband comes home and I can tell him about what we did that day and the little things Griffin has done that day to make me laugh or make me go OMG-like pooping in my hand the other day. Yep he pooped in my hand. I had just taken his clothes off to get him dressed and I saw the look. You know the poopy look on his face and I rushed over to him and well it was either the floor or my hand lol Though I scrubbed my hand I swear all day I kept wondering do I smell poop? Oh I just can't wait for the potty training stage after that let me tell you ha ha So we do have a couple members of Joe's family coming next month for a short visit which will be nice.It's just so hard to say goodbye sometimes....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh boy

Thanks for letting me whine whine continued to my sister on the phone who made me feel better with "tell Joe to get his butt home at a decent time then" and all the sympathy a sister could give.Unfortunately, 10 minutes later it hit her that, when she had young children her husband worked all the time and she didn't like it but she always got a break from my mom or me because she lived down the road from us blah blah -then I remembered!!! I remembered she used to say to me that she was fed up with my brother in laws work hours and she wanted him to sell his business and do something else and blah blah. Now I remember she actually bitched about it a lot.So okay I'm not agreeing not to bitch about it but I am agreeing to whine a little quieter unless I have some sort of solution in the works lol

My little man is now trying to figure out how to dance with things in his hands and be steadier on his feet. He is running with things in his hands now especially if it is something I tell him not to touch. He grabs it as fast as possible and takes off laughing and getting excited when I "chase" him. Needless to say the garbage can has been moved to the top of the kitchen counter right now since he had some obsession with a plastic bag that had frozen broccoli in it from last nights dinner. Yep that's right my son is a dumpster diver!!! Oh how the pride beams from my face~ He is very aware of what the word no means but seems to enjoy the reaction he gets when he causes this word to be spoken from my lips.He likes to laugh and tease and be chased and if he is removed from the object he so desires out comes the pointing finger, the fists of rage and he oes into his regular tongue lashing of me. Difference is now I have learned not to laugh lol

When Mommie would not give him the camera

When he decided that's it I'm going after it!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm so neglectful

I've been very neglectful on here for a lot of reasons.I have things on my mind and the biggest is always money,or the lack thereof.Our car is not working properly so we have used it sparingly and that didn't include getting batteries for my camera yet so the pictures I promised everyone have not come to be at this time but I can't wait to get them and post them here.
Mostly what is on my mind is the fact that we don't live near family.This isn't something new but lately I have been thinking that, especially with a new baby coming, how much of a empty space in my life there is because we have noone close to us. My husband leaves the house most days at 8am and gets home at 9pm so sometimes the days are long and I just wonder how long I can actually live like this. Maybe it is just stress, or hormones or a mid life crisis or all of the above who knows but... they always say live everyday to the fullest and do what makes you happy. Of course the first thing I figure you have to do is define happiness. So I thought about that and one things I can't ignore is that being connected to family is essential for my happiness. Not to mention it would be nice to have other people to rely on in case I don't know,in case whatever with the children. I know we need money and with my husbands hours the only way I could work-even part time is to hire someone.How do I do that? I mean I don't know anyone here and I am so paranoid and it is not an easy thing for me to leave something I love more than life with a stranger.A lot of people have said to me oh it's no big deal my kid has been in daycare since 8 weeks old-well to me it is a huge deal.Something fundamentally inside me says it's wrong and I can't shake that.I've tried but I can't...... I can't see how he is being treated when I'm not here and it could affect him and it is my job to protect him and make sure he develops correctly.... I have such a headache typing this out.So all this thoughts are swirling in my head right now and it has made it hard for me to post or feel like talking on the phone or talking period..... I do hope I'm normal soon.Ok so maybe not normal but semi normal lol