Saturday, February 23, 2008

Social Anxiety

I'd like to say I don't have it but I'm afraid I do. Sometimes impending social interactions can send me into panic mode and this started about two years ago I'd say. It seems to be worse and worse as time goes by. Since moving away from everything I know the opportunity to actually be in social situations has decreased to almost a halt so I'm sure that isn't something that helps. There was someone I met a few months ago through an online mommies group. I met her out.It was supposed to be a group of six and I forced myself to go or I should say Joe forced me. We were the only two woman who showed up! After we ate we talked for over two hours about a lot of things.
It was nice to meet her I just wasn't sure.... We were different (which is ok) but I felt my financial and emotional circumstances would make it hard for us to be friends. She was originally from here and had lots of family and friends around. She was on disability and had been and they seemed to be stable financially. Basically, I made excuses because I didn't feel confident in myself. That is what I'm realizing slowly. She has reached out to me again and I am going to try to reach out as well. I was surprised to hear from her again-very surprised. Since Joe works a lot it would be nice to have another adult to talk to-a friend-that I could see in person-especially since my family seems to be very busy and phone calls to me seem so few and far in between. I think I just have a case of the lonelies and have been in a rut for over a month.The blah weather,knowing we won't see family until May,money,Joe working ALL the time-none of it helps-and are just excuses for inaction I know.I better log off before I depress anyone who happens to read my pity party :( Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

He did it!!!!

Well Griffin finally did it! He walked across the livingroom floor last night.He stopped in the middle rebalanced himself a bit then continued on. When he reached the recliner he turned around and did it again,then again, then again! Inititally he was standing by himself and my husband got all excited and went and grabbed the camcorder. Boy did he surprise us when he just took off!! We thought him just standing on his own was great but walking wow! Now this morning he's doing it again and again! He also said ball this morning out of the blue. He's had words come out of him here and there but lately he hasn't said anything I really understand.

We have a few things to do today after he wakes up from his nap. I have a feeling since he is in walking mode he will not enjoy being imprisoned in his car seat but it must be done nonetheless. We have to go to the post office to mail a package,go to Target and Babys R Us for a babyshower gift-which is a 20 minute drive in itself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh my little Blog

Today was just a cold day outside so Griffin and I stayed in and played,did some reading,I did laundry,dishes and all the usual stuff.I was even able to wipe down the livingroom baseboards and the window sills in between spurts of chasing after my little Griffin burrito.

Anyways,we discovered last night that Griffin loooooves spaghetti.I had given him other types of pasta before like ancini de pipis and ditalini but finally gave him some spaghetti and a little of the sauce & meatballs I made.Well let's just say Joe and I laughed for a half hour as he double fisted it! He quickly learn to slurp in the pieces that freely dangled from his mouth with a loud thuuu sound! At one point he had spaghetti in each hand swinging it like he had lassos in each hand so he definatley was having a good time.The best part was when he finally rubbed it all over his face and in his hair! Of course Joe and I got out the cell phone cameras,then our regular digital camera and then the camcorder-it was like our big entertainment for the week ha ha Of course he got a good bath afterwards of course. We are just ga ga over this baby! I looked at him today and I just want to pinch myself because he's just the best and makes life so fun!



Shovin' it in anyway he can! lol