Friday, October 17, 2008

8 or is it 7 more days

Until our new baby Katie Grace is here...It has been awhile!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Usually I find something for us to do but I guess this wekend we have to make up our own fun.#We'll probably end up going to the park (at the end of the day when the equipment isn't hot enough to burn Griffin's hands.I have been procrastinating on all the wonderful organizing I have to do but have moved forward slowly.I really need to get my butt in gear and actually get something accomplished right? It must be a summer thing, or a pregnancy thing or maybe just an excuse thing that I don't have much umph to do anything.The months ahead seem to be a mound of work lol I think I feel blah.My mil will be coming aroudn the first week of August though and we will be driving 4 hours to see Joe's cousins for the weekend in New Bern,NC.It'll be nice but for some reason they "feel funny" about people spending the night.They always say "won't you be more comfortable in a hotel room".I think to myself "uh no I wouldn't feel more comfortable spending $200 to stay in town for 2 days on our very tight budget" and it just boggles my mind that they aren't open enough to say yeah throw a sleeping bag down and sleep wherever.My family on the other hand, would think you were wierd if you wanted to go to a hotel and would insist you stay-even if it was on the floor.I mean what's the big deal? To spend $100 a night on a hotel to see your family is crazy to me.I know some people don't like you sleeping on their couch but if they are willing to sleep on your floor what should you care.I don't get Joe's family sometimes honestly.So they haven't seen us since January.I already told Joe's mom we don't have the money to stay in a hotel and she said she would talk to them because she doesn't either and she thinks it is ridiculous too.She is already spending the money on airfare and we are spending the money on gas to get there.Maybe it is a long Island thing? Whatever so that is about all that is going on....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th weekend

Well we had a nice weekend.We pretty much did nothing on Saturday but my husband really was ancy and wanted "to do something besides sit around" so we took a trip a couple hours away to Boone,NC and rented a hotel room with a heated pool.I use the term "heated" because it didn't feel like it but Griffin loved swimming.We went out to dinner and took him to Tweetsie Railroad for something to do.He was really young for most of it but enjoyed the choo choo rides and the cloggin and dancing year when he is bigger he'll enjoy it much more.His attention span is all about 10 seconds on his best days so considering that and his age he had a good time.I told Joe to enjoy this because in a year or two he'll be begging for icecream,begging to go on all the rides and whatever else lol He was so tired at the end he fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot lol I have been trying to pack up all his clothes that are too small for him and get organized.I bought him a really nice dresser for $10 at a garage sale a few weeks ago and I still have to paint it.We also got 5 small bags of clothes for our little girl due October 25th so I have to sort that to see what we still need.We did get some sleepers and things so at least we have some things for her.I'm not gonna buy any bibs or anything because even though they are blue in color all they do is get messy anyways so.I still have to get a new breast pump, some bottles and I was thinking about a different bath tub than the one we used for Griffin-a bigger one.So there is much to do here.One of the projects I'd like to finish this summer is Griffin's baby book scrap book and our photo albums-which os a huge project in itself so it'll go slow but my goal is to have that done soon.The weather has been beautiful-hot and humid but more of a breeze than I remember there being last summer.I was dreading being pregnant in the summer but so far so good.That could change quick here though.This summer sun is brutal.Well I shall update soon and hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Please interpret me mama

Ok so my son is a fruit addict.He has narrowed down watermelon and strawberries to being his favorite but he still loves grapes and pineapple.He isn't sure about cantalope yet.He still loves the old stand bys like pears and peaches and raisins but watermelon and strawberries feverishly go in his mouth like he hasn't eaten in 3 years.It is really funny to see him start begging for certain things he likes to eat and so funny when he tries something new.We've had the video camera out more and more this week.He wasn't too into corn on the cob since he wasn't biting it hard enough and thought the cob was a stick to be thrown lol So I ended up cutting the corn off of the cob and he munched it right up.Seems he is quite the corn lover these days.He seems to be quite the meat lover as well.He likes salami, pepperoni, turkey, ground beef, steak. He isn't into potatoes anymore and green beans and spinach don't seem to have the same appeal anymore either.I'm trying to gove him a big variety of food so he doesn't become picky.Of course I notice sometimes he refuses to try something and I make him eat it and once he gets that first bite he is usually into it and starts feeding himself lol It is really wierd.I can finally see that he is geting a bit taller and he just looks "bigger" to me and bulkier.He just turned 17 months on the 26th and although he really isn't talking yet he definately expresses what he wants and doesn't want all day loong lol We do get repeated sounds a lot but I still don't understand what he is trying to say.He has an 18 month check up in about a month so it'll be interesting to see what she says about him not talking.He babbles like he is havign a full blown conversation with you-including head movements,talking hands you name it and it is so darn cute to see him look up at you his head bobbing up and down talking away-but hell if I know what he's trying to say lol He did say "ish" for about a week when referring to fish and bab when referring to the baby in my belly but then as always I don't hear it again.I will have to update after we see the doctor.The 4th of July on Friday is gonna be a long day.We have a parade at 9am and a cookout with a neighborhood group right after then the waterpark party is starts at 1pm then later there is music and fireworks in the park.We live in a small town (which is much bigger than the small town I grew up in) so it is nice to attend family events here and the town is very family oriented.If I don't blog before then have a great 4th everyne!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Is gonan be a slow day.I just feel it-the heat is already blazing.I haven't slept very well at night and Griffin has shocked me by twice-yes twice sleeping in until 830am.It's like I went to heaven or something.Usually I'm up at 7am wether he's awake or not but restless nights must be catching up to me.I'm sure this won't turn into a regular sleeping habit for him but once in awhile it is a nice treat.We haven't done much this week excpet make homeade pizza,go to the library,swim in his pool everyday (for a max of 5 minutes before he starts jumping out lol),stuff like that.I really want to go to the store today and try to find him some poster sized paper so he can color.Maybe if I can find some washable markers I'l consider it but for now he has crayons.His attention span is so short it's funny.He's onto something different a minute after he is totally into something else.So keeping his preoccupied is a challenge.The poor baby has been living on tons of grapes,raisins and watermelon all week but he loves it and it is good for him so there is no harm.I think I've cause dan addiction to watermelon though lol I got corn on the cob to have for Saturday and since Griffin loves corn I can't wait to see what he does with it on the cob.It is so funny and entertaining to watch him eat sometimes and Joe and I have been shooting some of it with the video camera.We have him eating spaghtti,pizza,watermelon,raisins,cereal. I guess we're easily amused lol He is quite the monkey and has to be watched every minute because he tends to stand up and jump off any of the furniture he climbs.We have to remind him to sit and he is getting better (I think lol) so I hope this is just a daredevil phase? I don't think he understands about the baby but he rubs my tummy and kisses it when I tell him there is a baby inside.I tell him nice and show him how to rub it so I think he is just mimicking me-but it is so cute anyways lol We were supposed to go to an outside pool playdate tomorrow but boo I have a doctors appt Oh well.I will update soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's been so long

Well it has been awhile.My parents and my sister were here for two weeks and then I went to NY for a visit with Griffin for two weeks and I hadn't had much to say before that so well I'm back.Just trying to get caught up on "my house".I have a newly painted kitchen.Gone is the very very ugly wall paper and here to stay is nice white walls.It was a tough job.3 coats of paint ugh! It is so worth it looking at the end product though.It was a depressing dark maroon almost a brown I'd say.We also got a used Kia Sedona minivan to prepare us for transporting two babies.We are having a girl.It is still unbelievable to me and I feel sooooo lucky because I always assumed I'd have all boys like my sisters.I am 22 weeks right now and time is flying by.I know in a few weeks time will seem to have slown down and I will feel more uncomfortable.I am not looking forward to the dreaded back pain I experienced in my first pregnancy.All that weight on my smaller frame made me walk in pain for months.Oh the joys of pregnancy right? lol Well I will be back to update.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Money and Mums the word

I guess that has been why I have been so quiet-money or the lack there of... It has become apprent that we may need a different car-especially when the new baby comes.Problem is-there is no room in the budget for a car payment and the whole thing has spun me into a bit of depression as I have to figure out how to bring in money and make sure my son is taken care of... So I haven't been much into talking about other things for awhile since I am having this inner battle.I don't judge other people by saying this-it is just how I feel-and I feel wrong for having someone take care of MY CHILD we created 40 hours a week just because of the allmighty dollar.I am a terrible decision maker so to solve this problem I have to do lots of research and figure out some sort of solution so I have been trying to do just that lately.I am just having ahard time with it emotionally and to top it all off when I lived in NY the job market there was so bad.I mean so bad as in people with Masters degrees competing for $8 jobs.Hence the last coupdl fo jobs I had were low pay and sucked so bad.My resume looks awful and I just frankly have no confidence when it comes to getting a job at all so that adds to this dilema.I guess I will figure it out I have to somehow.Plus I'm pregnant and I don't know how employers react to that thinking I will be gone 8 weeks int he near future.Oh what to do-it is such a dilema.I am looking forward going to NY for a couple weeks around the 22nd and when I get back then I can look for some type of job.It would be nice to visit some people I know,especially family,I need it right now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm still here

I have been not in the talking mood for a few weeks.I am still reading other blogs but have just been doing a lot of thinking and such and I tend to not have a lot to say or more accurately I don't want to say any thing if that makes sence lol I have had Joe's father come visit for a few days and then his mother come visit for a few days (they are divorced).It was very nice to have them visit from NY as we miss them so much down here in NC.It was very nice to show off our son Griffin who of course put on a "show" the whole time-dancing like a wild little monkey.He swings the head back and forth,swings the arms,spins in circles,falls a million times,gets himself back up laughing the whole time and repeats the whole process.I admit I get so much enjoyment seeing him so happy and animated and just being a kid.He is also very affectionate and I have to feel I am his biggest influence since I kiss and hugs him so many times a day he gets sick of it lol He hugged his grandparents without encouraging him to do so-he just did it because he wants to and it was great to see.He just turned 15 months old so it's nice to see his pleasant personality and how he relates to others so openly.I am hoping to ride up to NY around May 22nd with my parents to visit with family in NY for a few weeks.My parents are Florida snowbirds who spend their summers back home in NY so they said they would "stop and pick us up" on the way so we are excited about that.For the first time since Griffin has been born I have been bad about taking pictures.Tomorrow I am going to make sure that ends since I wanted to take a picture so badly tonight and alas was not prepared.There is the best and cutest little carnival in town referred to as the follies for the weekend.It was so nice to hear some good music and show Griffin the carousel-which I hope to take him on tomorrow.The lines were atrocious tonight.I will update soon and I apologize for the hiatus! My little baby to be is now 13 weeks along and because I am *whispering* advanced maternal age as they referred to me as(while I was laughing hysterically inside) I was able to have an ultrasound last week and it was more than amazing.I was completley in love and felt reassured I could see the heart beat etc... (more on that later).The midwife who saw me after the ultrasound actually laughed with me about the whole advanced maternal age thing as well and she was so great and made me feel great.I will have to come back to talk more about the ultrasound this weekend.Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've been on break

From my blog as everyone can see.I have been trying to "get out" kind of.Get out of the house that is.I've been trying to meet people,bring Griffin outside more and go to the park since the sun started shining and the weather has been better-still a little chilly at times but warm enough to be outside.So I haven't been on the computer as much.Plus we have family coming next week so I've been trying to organize and do a little spring cleaning-not only in my house but with myself.I have my big OB appointment on the 22nd and I'm excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and know that ll looks good so I'm looking forward to that! I will be updating soon.So far I've met a few nice moms around here.It's different and harder as you get older to cultivate friendships because we are all so busy taking care of our own families but it's easy to forget that adult conversation and company is good for anyone.It's been nice to meet people more than once and actually remember someone.I also went to a Pampered Chef party(I'm a PC junkie) but I was very conservative in my order.I ordered stoneware since I am sick after finding metal pieces in food I cooked from my expensive non stick pans!!! So I will update soon.I am reading though keeping up on everyones blogs!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Come on Sunshine

I'm still waiting for the sun!! It always is sunny here and it is so unusual that there has been no sun for almost two weeks now! Even when it is freezing here the sun shines .... I just can't wait until it decides to come again. Griffin and I went roller skating today with a local mommie group and we had a lot of fun.I actually put him in his stroller and zoomed around on the rink with him and he looooved it! He clapped and swayed his head to the music and had a permanent smile on his face the whole time. Everyone kept remarking how smiley he was. of course secretly I loved just the fact that he was getting tired out for a nap later lol I let him push the stroller around the place for what seemed like a half hour.He loved visiting with the other kids too and he especially wanted to touch the older kids skates who had brought their own skates.I think he liked the bright colors and he just loves wheels on anything. I tell ya it really is good excercise. I did it a few months ago and I laugehd because it had been so many years since I roller skated I thought I looked ridiculous. But you definately get a good workout and it's better than staying inside on a gloomy day like this for sure! I've been feeling utterly exhausted these past few days and today is no exception.. so now that we are back I am gonna try to nap.I doubt it'll happen but nothing wrong with hopin' right?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whoopdee do

The event we were supposed to go to with a local moms group got cancelled cause it's raining.What's funny is our area is still supposedly experiencing 'a drought" yet it's been raining 6 out of 7 days this week *sigh* Oh well.I haven't felt like such a sloth in so long.I seriously want to do nothing.Ok well I HAVE to take care of Griffin and do dishes and start another load of laundry but other than that I plan on doing as little as possible.It isn't what I should be doing but I just don't see much of any productivity happening today.Tomorrow it is supposed to not rain and be sunny so as the plan goes Joe will mow the large lawn we have and I will be productive inside *sigh*.My husband has been a good sport and offered to to do the grocery shopping today-I sent him out with coupons and detailed descriptions and let's just say I'll probaly be finishing it or "adding to it" tomorrow when I go to Aldi's.I really love my husband and feel lucky cause he really is such a good partner.He doesn't run from responsibilities (though he still is a man so his excuses are comicale lol).My body is definately constantly tired yet I can't sleep so it seems to be playing tricks on me.Check out Sarcastic Mom's blog it's the funniest thing I've read in awhile....

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Friday Folks

The day where all the stuff I've procrastinated about (like going to the post office) comes to an end and I just gotta do it.It's been cold and rainy here and I've had that chill in my bones so I haven't felt much like going places.I just have to get a couple things to make broccoli cheese quiche for tomorrow and so I may do a little browsing at Walsmart as well.Tomorrow we're going to an event for a couple hours held by a local moms group here and they are gonna have balloons for the kids and such so I said why not since my schedule isn't packed.Not much else going on so this is yet another boring post but if something more interesting comes up I'm sure I'll be posting! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A choice

I forgot to mention that with the new practice I chose for prenatal care I get my choice of an OB or a midwife and I am thrilled.With Griffin I started out with a midwife and later when we moved had to switch to an OB.What a difference! To the OB I was a number and they were too busy to answer questions and to be honest didn't seem very caring at all.So I am thrilled to be able to choose a midwife.My only worry is that I have had a C section in the past and do not want to play around if it is too dangerous for me to try a VBAC.But anyways I wanted to mention this! They used to actually have a birthing center there at the office but now do all deliveries at get this "Women's Hsopital"-that is the name of the hospital as it is geared towards woman only.Cool huh

Another Day

So not much to report except I had my first doctors appt. It was pretty much a Q&A session on my medical history and some other paperwork.They used the little wheel thing to estimate my Due date as November 2nd-which is a great time since noone in our families has a November birthdate.I go back on April 22nd for the full exam, bloodwork,weigth check-the whole shabam. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat and I wish I would of been able to hear it yesterday to calm my worries a little but what ya gonna do? I haven't had the extended knock me off my feet nausea I had with Griffin I'm just really tired. But alas, now that I have a one year old I'm used to performing on little sleep!!! The one thing that is bad-and this happened since 3 days after I found out I was pregnant is insomnia.I can usually hit the hay like a ton of bricks no problem which I do.But then, a couple hours later, my eyes pop open like someone called my name "wake up there is a lot of action going on". Of course there is nothing but Griffin in his room snoring, darkness and my husbands breathing.I swear I lay there for hours.I try different positions,I try to tell myself over and over just freakin' sleep but no. I am wide awake.This started at 4 months with Griffin and he's pretty active I'm wondering do I have a wild child in my belly? Oh I can't wait to find out. I have to wait until 18 weeks to have an ultrasound unless there is a medical reason to have one sooner and boy I can't wait for that.Except I hate the thought of drinking all that water,filling up your bladder to capacity, arriving at the office to find "they're running behind" and trying to act like a normal person when all you want to do is pee your pants! Man I hope we can videotape it like we did with Griffin.That is something to see and I think,I may be wrong but he was only 7 or 8 inches long at the time.They blow of the screen and make them look so big you forget how tiny they are.My little peanut is the size of a grape right now.Can you believe that -a human being the size of a grape-what a miracle it is to me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I haven't been good at updating since I have had so much swirling in my mind which makes it so hard for me to write. Today I am doing my SMW blog assignment "Springtime" and updating on my last post. I had a really good time going out with three girls last Friday.One only stayed for dinner but the rest of them (us three) went bowling and then went to Denny's afterwards for a long time.I hadn't stayed out that late in so long I couldn't remember and we all hit it off.They were very down to earth and we all had a lot in common and we're all about the same age (ok I was the oldest but what's two years lol) I am glad I went and I may meet one of them at a Pot Luck dinner the mommies group has planned at a park this weekend.They have face painting and games and balloons for the kids so why not.It's only for a couple hours so I think it'll be great.

Now about my blog assignment Springtime.A time when the cold goes away and the warm weather starts. It has a lot of meaning to me. First off, it is the time of year when my parents return from Florida to NY and stop by here in NC for a visit so I always look forward to that! Last year I drove to NY with them. Me and Griffin hitched a ride. I'm thinking we may do the same this year. We'll see how the whole being stuck in a carseat for hours thing goes. When he was little it was no big deal but it is sure to be different now. I mean we're in a motorhome so he can get out sometimes but I don't like it.My parents stop every few hours but to a toddler that can seem like days.We'll probably do it anyways though for the free ride lol

Now as for the other benefits of Springtime it is the start of a fresh new wonderful season of weather when the temperature is just right-not too cold and not too hot! Summer here is scorching so Springtime is perfect.We have hundreds of birds surrounding our house and they have already started their morning serenade here It is LOUD but I love it because I just love birds.I don't like the one that wakes at 6am though I have to admit.... But in all it is just a reminder of a happy, warm time just around the bend!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Friday!!

Not much to report that is entertaining. Today I filed our taxes so we'll be awaiting our refund. The money will be used eventually for some type of vehicle as mine is slowly dying.God I love my Honda and I can't bear to give her away but it looks like we have to eventually. So I'm not too excited about our refund but to me it's another chore crossed off my list today. Tonight I am actually going to do something totally different and I am nervous to say the least. I am supposed to go out with some women from a local mommies group to eat and possibly bowling afterwards.I'll have to update everyone on the experience as I've only met one of these women so far and I am very nervous in social siutations as I've mentioned before.It'll be interesting to say the least and I don't have far to travel so why not.Nothing pressing to do today except go to the bank and the post office and make oatmeal raisin cookies. Damn commercials I see a commercial and they show me something good and the craving starts and isn't satsifed until I have it.Yesterday it was banana bread-I think that came from a Hotel commercial advertising continental breakfast. I am so pathetic lol

Griffin has been perfecting his tantrums and they have become louder.I always seem to point my finger up and down at him when I tell him no no so he's begun doing this to me.His cold has made him a little moody I guess.He's learning how to be a man ha ha Now my husband has been telling me "Griffin gave me a cough".Well boo hoo I think to myself and laugh when I'm alone.I am so bad!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today is one of those days

..and it seems like I have a lot of them.One of those days when I love being a mom and glad he can so easily make me laugh or take my mind off what I'm worrying about.My son was sick once when he was 3 months old with a cold for a bout 5 days and that's it.He was a happy camper the whole time go figure.Well it seems he started developing a cough Sunday and today his nose ran twice.I had to laugh though cause he has this big smile on his face and the snot is running down and I'm trying to chase after him with a tissue and then he gets the tissue from me and it's a fight and it rips and he is laughing and I'm like you're so silly just let me wipe your nose.So what does he do-he swings his head from right to left as fast as he can so I can't wipe his nose laughing the whole time.He got me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and then he hugged me while wrapping his arms around my neck.So yeah I got snot on me but I can deal with that.... Those hugs feel so good.I have to say he is quite the snuggly boy.Sometimes if I ask him for a kiss he'll run right over and give me one and I hope it's because he gets so many hugs and kisses all the time... Snot and all those hugs rule!
Many Thanks to Huckdoll for yet another great web site on organizing your day!! Here it is folks- have been slowly workin on getting more motivated and actually accomplishing more! Thought the thought of having a garage sale is less than appealing to me I've realized we have more stuff that we could get rid of that is just cluttering up my house. So that will be event I will have to plan on when the weather warms up. Plus I'm trying to make room for another addition to our family and all the "stuff" that will be out of our basement and back in the house for the new little one.
Easter was very nice! We just had a laid back day and gave Griffin his little basket and played outside while the weather was so nice.We had a nice dinner of Grilled chicken, baked potato,corn and applesauce. It was nothing special but grilling outside made it seem so. It is still a bit chilly here yet some days it warms up so much it almost seems like winter is over. I can't wait! Then again last summer was sooo hot I couldn't breathe and the thought of being pregnant in that heat makes me content to keep the weather like it is now.I already warned my husband that we have to buy another air conditioner.It's funny, here they will actually announce on local stations not to spend more than a few minutes outside..... So I better be careful what I wish for!

Friday, March 21, 2008

What u find when u look

I've come across some different and interesting blogs in the past few days.Every one of them can teach me something! I need a little organization help and I think the new blogs I've added to my blog roll are if nothing else inspiring!! Not to mention the new recipes and tips I've found so helpful... So enough whining on here from me! Especially being a sahm, I am concerned about stretching that dollar every month and the first step in tackling any chore or mess is really organizing the mess first and then figuring out what goal you want to accomplish... Wether it be to get good deals on groceries or other items or organize your office-it never hurts to read about someone else doing it and how they do it successfully... I love new ideas..and I also truthfully need some help getting organized. Sometimes I just need some ideas to motivate myself... So I hope some of you check out the blogs like

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just so you know he pooped in My Hand

I think my post about missing my family and my husband really made me think..... I think my life has changed so much since I became a mom... for the better. To be honest my life was a bit boring and there was something missing in my life. I was over going to concerts and hanging out in the bar. I had been there done that. Not that I would never go to a concert again but the thought of the traffic,the waiting in line and *gasp* actually standing during the whole show is just no longer appealing to me. If I can get in quick and somehow sit down I'd probably be ok. Every day my son does something different (which is every day) I am inspired and I fill up with pride and my love for him just seems to grow. I think when I first became a mom I wasn't confident of my abilities and was a nervous wreck listening to people's advice and I was adjusting to my life being essentially gone I felt. Now I see it so differently because I have learned to embrace taking care of him, teaching him, watching him and my life feels so full of meaning and my life isn't gone it is just different.
Which leads me back to my post the other day where I whined about my husbands hours and being away from family and friends. It makes me sad I can't share my son with others. I wish I could show them what I talk about on the phone-it just isn't the same.I look forward to when my husband comes home and I can tell him about what we did that day and the little things Griffin has done that day to make me laugh or make me go OMG-like pooping in my hand the other day. Yep he pooped in my hand. I had just taken his clothes off to get him dressed and I saw the look. You know the poopy look on his face and I rushed over to him and well it was either the floor or my hand lol Though I scrubbed my hand I swear all day I kept wondering do I smell poop? Oh I just can't wait for the potty training stage after that let me tell you ha ha So we do have a couple members of Joe's family coming next month for a short visit which will be nice.It's just so hard to say goodbye sometimes....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh boy

Thanks for letting me whine whine continued to my sister on the phone who made me feel better with "tell Joe to get his butt home at a decent time then" and all the sympathy a sister could give.Unfortunately, 10 minutes later it hit her that, when she had young children her husband worked all the time and she didn't like it but she always got a break from my mom or me because she lived down the road from us blah blah -then I remembered!!! I remembered she used to say to me that she was fed up with my brother in laws work hours and she wanted him to sell his business and do something else and blah blah. Now I remember she actually bitched about it a lot.So okay I'm not agreeing not to bitch about it but I am agreeing to whine a little quieter unless I have some sort of solution in the works lol

My little man is now trying to figure out how to dance with things in his hands and be steadier on his feet. He is running with things in his hands now especially if it is something I tell him not to touch. He grabs it as fast as possible and takes off laughing and getting excited when I "chase" him. Needless to say the garbage can has been moved to the top of the kitchen counter right now since he had some obsession with a plastic bag that had frozen broccoli in it from last nights dinner. Yep that's right my son is a dumpster diver!!! Oh how the pride beams from my face~ He is very aware of what the word no means but seems to enjoy the reaction he gets when he causes this word to be spoken from my lips.He likes to laugh and tease and be chased and if he is removed from the object he so desires out comes the pointing finger, the fists of rage and he oes into his regular tongue lashing of me. Difference is now I have learned not to laugh lol

When Mommie would not give him the camera

When he decided that's it I'm going after it!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm so neglectful

I've been very neglectful on here for a lot of reasons.I have things on my mind and the biggest is always money,or the lack thereof.Our car is not working properly so we have used it sparingly and that didn't include getting batteries for my camera yet so the pictures I promised everyone have not come to be at this time but I can't wait to get them and post them here.
Mostly what is on my mind is the fact that we don't live near family.This isn't something new but lately I have been thinking that, especially with a new baby coming, how much of a empty space in my life there is because we have noone close to us. My husband leaves the house most days at 8am and gets home at 9pm so sometimes the days are long and I just wonder how long I can actually live like this. Maybe it is just stress, or hormones or a mid life crisis or all of the above who knows but... they always say live everyday to the fullest and do what makes you happy. Of course the first thing I figure you have to do is define happiness. So I thought about that and one things I can't ignore is that being connected to family is essential for my happiness. Not to mention it would be nice to have other people to rely on in case I don't know,in case whatever with the children. I know we need money and with my husbands hours the only way I could work-even part time is to hire someone.How do I do that? I mean I don't know anyone here and I am so paranoid and it is not an easy thing for me to leave something I love more than life with a stranger.A lot of people have said to me oh it's no big deal my kid has been in daycare since 8 weeks old-well to me it is a huge deal.Something fundamentally inside me says it's wrong and I can't shake that.I've tried but I can't...... I can't see how he is being treated when I'm not here and it could affect him and it is my job to protect him and make sure he develops correctly.... I have such a headache typing this out.So all this thoughts are swirling in my head right now and it has made it hard for me to post or feel like talking on the phone or talking period..... I do hope I'm normal soon.Ok so maybe not normal but semi normal lol

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catching up

I plan on posting some pictures and I wanted to take a few more before I did but alas the camera is dead.I will remedy that today and get some of the cute animals Griffin loves so much and some pictures of his big adventures walking outside.We also ran out of camcorder tape so we will fix that as well because we want to get him on video walking outside.......Be back soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'll live with it

The nausea that is-I just need to suck it up.Afterall it's for a good cause right.... Today was a nice day and I just spent it doing lots of laundry and Griffin and I went outside.He has become quite the little walker in our back yard. It's a bit uneven though so he has taken to pushing the stroller around the yeard...and around...and around,,,and around. He did get very upset with me today after we had went around like 30 times and mommy said ok time for a break.We have almost an acre and a half here so it is a huge yard. Yes my son is obsessive compulsive lol If I don't want him to stand on the rocking chair in his room he insists he has to do it over and over and if he is blocked he gets so mad at me I get fists shaken at me, a red face and tears and yelling.Not sure what he's saying but he sure is telling me where to go... Wonder wear he got that *rolls eyes* My neighbor has some pretty cool animals and I bring Griff over there to take a look. My neighbor has rabbits,chickens,ducks and dogs. Griffin is totally fascinated with the rabbits and there noses as they sniff him intensly. The chickens make a noise that he finds so funny and he laughs and reaches for them ...the poor chickens jump like a foot.I know they're thinking get whatever it is away from me I'm trying to eat crow here lol The rabbits are pretty skittish except one who looks big enough to eat Griffin for a snack and this is the one that Griffin seems to like the most.... I can't wait for this summer when he's a little bigger to take him to the petting zoo.. and camping.... I'm lucky,although he's obsessive compulsive, he's a happy easy going little fella most of the time and I love showing him all these new things.Sorry if this has been a bore I just haven't had a lot of good stuff to talk about lately so the little things that make me happy are what I've chosen to fill these blog pages.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today is not my day

I'm kind of out of commission.I am very nauseated and I hurt my back so badly it hurts to sit,lay down,stand,breathe you name it.My husband is gone for 3 days so I'm using my energy to chase after my son who is now running (and sometimes taking a nose dive he's going so fast).I have a heating pad on it the size of a placement and am just praying for a miracle right now.I'd love to take something for it that may ease my pain but hence I can not!! Sooooo I am just whining my sad whine to make me feel better.It isn't working yet but I'm hoping.Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday!!!! Unfortunately it just started pouring out :( I plan on going to Lowe's Home Improvement (one of my favs!) and stuff and just walking out in the rain seems so unappealing to me.We are still in the process of getting the message out about our new baby on the way to all our family who is spread everywhere.Joe's family is small so it's pretty easy.My family is big and everywhere so "getting the word out" is more challenging.But regardless,back to my whining about the rain.The other night I'm pretty sure we were on the edge of a tornado but other than that this week has been sunny almost like spring was here.Then I saw the ants, yes the ants, in my recycle bin and new winter must be coming to a close.Last year we learned that having ants was no big deal and was a normal thing in North Carolina.Well in NY it isn't so I enlisted some ant oil poison and made it my mission to eradicate our house of this little critter. Lowe's has the poison as well so all the more reason to go. Griffin loves Lowes because of his obsession with ceiling fans lol and I could spend all day in that store.It just makes me dream ya know.....I certiantly hope ot be a more active blogger next week and I have some pictures to share as well!! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've been bad

I haven't updated but I have an excuse.I have been deep in thought and planning....... I got a huge and exciting shock this week and am just enjoying it! We haven't told family yet and are just relishing in the amazement I guess. Yep we're having another baby!!!! It's a miracle to us and we feel so lucky!! Our son Griffin really is the focus of our lives so imagining sharing our love for him with another is hard-but I know we will! More after I eat.... ha ha

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just a short post tonight. Today it was very sunny out and there was just a little chill to the air but it was nice enough to be outside a bit.I let Griffin walk in the back yard for the first time and he was so excited! He still hasn't mastered his balance completely so he looks like he's had a few drinks ha ha but he can walk 15-20ft before he usually sits himself on his butt when he feels too unbalanced. Since our yard is huge and a little uneven I lent him my hand.So he walked and walked and walked and a couple of times I let go of him and he'd walk like 10 ft on his own and look and me and reach for my hand.It was so cute and he seemed so happy. We still have leaves in our yard because our rake is somewhere who knows and I'm just waiting to mow over them when the weather is better ha ha So we have a couple piles and he loved rolling around in them and surprisingly didn't try to eat them! He was much to fascinated with the sound they made.We had such a good time and I can't wait to have more days like today to spend with him. I'd like to get a baby swing to hang from one of our trees as well. Today was just one of those lazy,spending time together days and it was so nice.My husband had to work 6 days this week,6 days last week and the week before so I know having a nice sunny day made his day even better because he got to use his new jogging stroller he saved up for.It was so cute seeing him use it and I think Griffin really loved it because he loves going fast. He has toys to ride on and the faster he is pushed the more excited he gets so the stroller is definately a hit!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Something to think about

I kept hearing this guys name on money forums over and over. People were praising him and his ideas and encouraging people to read his book
He talks about living debt free and facing the fact that you're being irresponsible and there is no quick fix to any debt situation you have gotten yourself into. He basically says face it you got yourself in, now get yourself out. He also stresses that it won't be easy and will take a lot of sacrifice and hard work but that the end result is worth more than anything. Needless to say I am going to invest in this book. I know he has others that I may check out as well. I like the fact that he wants you to change the entire way you think about and use money. He's right when he says years ago if you didn't have the cash you didn't buy it. As we all know, in todays society, if we don't have the cash we just buy it on credit-usually regretting it later and on top of that we end up paying two or three times the original price.

I've always been a Clark Howard fan and have gotten such wonderful ideas from him and find him practical and not into the drama filled circus that Suze Oramn sometimes creates. But Dave Ramsey seems to be much more radical, much more upfront and brutaly honest and I have to admit his take it or leave it attitude is appealing.

We have debt. I admit it is our fault. Sure I could tell you about some of the circumstances where we had noone to help us and needed cash and just didn't have it. Some of those circumstances were out of our control yes. But, in the end, the choices we made and how we reacted to those circumstances is what created the huge pile of unending debt we have today.

For example, my husband got a promotion and was transferred to another state and we were told Thursday he got the job and he was expected to report to work in another state the next Thursday(1 week!!!). We owned a house in NY and new the first thing we needed to do was find a place for my husband to sleep at once he started his job. So we drove to NC found a place and drove back.Then my husband drove back down and started work, I put the house for sale, the movers packed our stuff, and I met him down there within a week. After 10 days of being there he was told his job was dissapearing and he would have to apply for another position and be transferred again IF he got the job.Me being 26 weeks pregnant complicated matters to say the least.And so the financial nightmare began.We had signed an 8 month lease, were still paying our mortgage and he had a possibility of losing his job. We were wayyyyy overstretched taking care of two households.He got the other job and months later(4 days after giving birth) we were transferred and had to continue to pay our current rent along with the $900 rent for the old place where we had signed a lease.Thankfully we sold our house 1 month before we moved or I'm not sure what would of happened.There are things we could of done different like getting him a studio apt. and me staying in NY until we sold the house etc... But it is a lesson learned!!!!!!! And we will never make mistakes like this again ever!!!

I know this is a very long winded post but I encourage everyone to read Dave Ramsey's book and believe in being debt free!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Once you stop laughing please comment!

Food games

So why did Grififn recently come to the conclusion that food is a fun thing to play with? I have no idea whatsoever!!! Apparently rubbing your hands in food and watching it drop to the ground is great entertainment. Watching mommy or daddy pick it up seems to be even more exciting. Sooooooooo I'm trying reverse psychology like ignoring it and waiting until he's away fromt he table to actually bend down and pick it up. Knowing my luck, I should be doing something else as a detterant but hey there are no ideas in the parenting book that Griffin had in his hands when he came out of my womb so I'm going with an idea ha ha I was ok with him squeezing food between his fingers or making a mess trying to eat but now the food is ending up away from his mouth in places food isn't meant to be ha ha So I shall keep everyone posted and hopefull if I am doing something wrong someone tells me PLEASE!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's a funny thing I've come across lately reading a few peoples blogs.I won't mention specific people but I admit reading comments from trolls took me back a little. People saying your kid should be taken from you, no wonder your kid is so clingy, you don't care about your kids, you should be put in jail. I remember the old "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me" nursery rhyme and it's a lie!!! If someone says something criticizing you about something you love-especially something you love with all your heart-like your kids-the words can sting a bit. Even if the person is an immature jerk with too much time on their hands....

I always say the best approach is not to give them the attention or reaction they seem to need so much but rather turn it around and make them look like the fool they are. Easier said than done I'm sure. I mean if you have nothing nice to say why say anything but we all know some social rules don't apply to some people.My blog doesn't even rate trolls yet ha ha thank goodness I'm boring....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Monday

Not much going on today except for the usual cleaning and stuff around the house-so basically a totally boring Monday. Nothing out of the norm here for a Monday :) We actually went to a baby shower yesterday for a girl Joe works with at a restaurant lastnight. It was just for coworkers and wasn't a huge party or anything but it was nice just the same and we are so happy for her. I guess she had some difficulty conceiving which makes it that much sweeter. Griffin demonstrated his eating skills and entertained everyone-rubbing sweet potatoes in his hair,laughing, throwing food oh boy! Needless to say he needs a bath today since we got home so late!
He's been walking more and more but I think the couple of bad falls he's had has made him more concious to hold onto things and he is just more cautious now.But when he lets go he does great! All things in good time I guess :) Not so much to say today ...... tomorrow is another day!

Mr. Potato Head

WHY USE A SPOON? IT"S SO MUCH FUNNER USING MY HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Social Anxiety

I'd like to say I don't have it but I'm afraid I do. Sometimes impending social interactions can send me into panic mode and this started about two years ago I'd say. It seems to be worse and worse as time goes by. Since moving away from everything I know the opportunity to actually be in social situations has decreased to almost a halt so I'm sure that isn't something that helps. There was someone I met a few months ago through an online mommies group. I met her out.It was supposed to be a group of six and I forced myself to go or I should say Joe forced me. We were the only two woman who showed up! After we ate we talked for over two hours about a lot of things.
It was nice to meet her I just wasn't sure.... We were different (which is ok) but I felt my financial and emotional circumstances would make it hard for us to be friends. She was originally from here and had lots of family and friends around. She was on disability and had been and they seemed to be stable financially. Basically, I made excuses because I didn't feel confident in myself. That is what I'm realizing slowly. She has reached out to me again and I am going to try to reach out as well. I was surprised to hear from her again-very surprised. Since Joe works a lot it would be nice to have another adult to talk to-a friend-that I could see in person-especially since my family seems to be very busy and phone calls to me seem so few and far in between. I think I just have a case of the lonelies and have been in a rut for over a month.The blah weather,knowing we won't see family until May,money,Joe working ALL the time-none of it helps-and are just excuses for inaction I know.I better log off before I depress anyone who happens to read my pity party :( Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

He did it!!!!

Well Griffin finally did it! He walked across the livingroom floor last night.He stopped in the middle rebalanced himself a bit then continued on. When he reached the recliner he turned around and did it again,then again, then again! Inititally he was standing by himself and my husband got all excited and went and grabbed the camcorder. Boy did he surprise us when he just took off!! We thought him just standing on his own was great but walking wow! Now this morning he's doing it again and again! He also said ball this morning out of the blue. He's had words come out of him here and there but lately he hasn't said anything I really understand.

We have a few things to do today after he wakes up from his nap. I have a feeling since he is in walking mode he will not enjoy being imprisoned in his car seat but it must be done nonetheless. We have to go to the post office to mail a package,go to Target and Babys R Us for a babyshower gift-which is a 20 minute drive in itself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh my little Blog

Today was just a cold day outside so Griffin and I stayed in and played,did some reading,I did laundry,dishes and all the usual stuff.I was even able to wipe down the livingroom baseboards and the window sills in between spurts of chasing after my little Griffin burrito.

Anyways,we discovered last night that Griffin loooooves spaghetti.I had given him other types of pasta before like ancini de pipis and ditalini but finally gave him some spaghetti and a little of the sauce & meatballs I made.Well let's just say Joe and I laughed for a half hour as he double fisted it! He quickly learn to slurp in the pieces that freely dangled from his mouth with a loud thuuu sound! At one point he had spaghetti in each hand swinging it like he had lassos in each hand so he definatley was having a good time.The best part was when he finally rubbed it all over his face and in his hair! Of course Joe and I got out the cell phone cameras,then our regular digital camera and then the camcorder-it was like our big entertainment for the week ha ha Of course he got a good bath afterwards of course. We are just ga ga over this baby! I looked at him today and I just want to pinch myself because he's just the best and makes life so fun!



Shovin' it in anyway he can! lol


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thought for the Day

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony".
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Picture Day!

Looking out on the world-well the www anyways ..... Banging on the key board is so fun!Photobucket

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

The weather here all week has been cold,rainy and the sky has been cloudy...It usually is sunny here even if it freezing so it's made this week so blah.Griffin and I have not ventured out very often this week so I'm hoping for some better weather this weekend and next week! I'm hering about the weather other people are experiencing and I guess I don't have a lot of complaining to do, but I guess I have to whine anyways ha ha

Last night something cool happened.It might appear trivial or even dumb to other people but to me it was a amazing-of course everything my baby boy does is pretty amazing to me :) Anyways, last night he finally realized the proper way to hold the spoon-by that I mean he realized that we don't dip the handle in the food so over and over he would turn it around and dip the cup part of the spoon in his food.A few times he actually put the food he had retrieved in his mouth-but a couple times he just had to look at the food or touch it. Of coure, it was a mess and I'm realizing he gets messier all the time (and I'm using more paper towels). My mom says that he has to experiment and that is how he learns so I guess that's what he's doing. He's feeding himself more and refusing to let me feed him so I guess he's a normal kid going through his phases.The peditrician said every baby is different and it is more of a social thing wether they allow you to feed them or refuse to let you-OK I said. She said to be glad if he eats most everything and even lets me feed him-OK I said. I'll have to post a picture of him in the midst of his food experimentation trials as I call it because it's definately funny-it just isn't funny to clean it up.But then again I never thing cleaning is fun...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Being Silly

This is actually a photo of Griffin upside down but I had to rotate it to show his silly face....


And another.....


He actually looks almost bald on the sides but has a long mohawk going from front to back so this angle makes him look like he actually has a lot more hair than he does! He's so silly and reminds me of what's important in life every day....................<3

Monday, February 11, 2008

Doing Our Part

Please click on the picture above for the original post that created the idea of Project Support Beauty in Nature.Lotus aka Hilariously Sarcastic Mom ( came up with a wonderful idea to preserve out Earth and I'd like to do my part!

When we lived in NY we paid about $60 a month for the privilege of having our trash hauled away and were provided a small recycle bin.Many times I used a cardboard box to fit the rest of the recyclables we had to contribute.Since moving to North Carolina it is much different! We don't pay to ave our trash taken away -it is free - AND - we are given a huge recycle bin and they except everything.That being said, I am a huge fan of recycling and buy products that can be recycled-it is always in the back of my mind when I am grocery shopping.I use a box in the house for convenience to put my everyday recycables in after I wash them (Thank you US Postal Service!)


Then I empty that into the large bin every few days

You can learn a lot about people from looking at their consumables.You can tell for example,that we drink beer, we buy the newspaper once a week, we buy Egglands best eggs, we use palmolive dishwashing soap,we buy huge jars of peanut butter,we're huge 2% milk drinkers,that we had a party (hence the leftover soda containers),that our baby boy looooves Yobaby yogurt and we buy Cheerios.I'm sure there is much more at the bottom.... we don't buy frozen dinners or boxed dinners-and try to be concious of what we eat-but we're human :) afterall. It really can tell a story in itself.

We also recycle cardboard of course

Then once a week it is on the curb for pickup!


We also recycled two Tv's through a program the Town ran a couple weeks ago to cleanly dispose of electronics. I hope this inpires others!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have experienced depression for many years since I was young and can honestly say I have felt much less depressed since I stopped taking all those damned anti depressants I have been subscribed over the years! It has been over a year and has been so refreshing! I was recently reading an article that stated people who experience or are prone to depression are those type of people that are less likely to lie to themselves and face problems. Hence they experience more anxiety about some things... They say having a positive outlook and sometimes lying to ourselves in harmless ways can actually make us less stressed, more hopeful and not so hard on ourselves in day to day life. It was a very interesting article. It went on to discuss people who take lying to an extreme as a means of avoiding their feelings, their feelings about themselves in relation to others and their use of lying as an avoidance mechanism to avoid their own faults. Here are some excerpts.

Why do people lie compulsively?
-Compulsive lying may originally be prompted by the fear that you are not interesting enough. And so you invent stories that create the image you want to project to others.
-Compulsive lying may also be prompted by perfectionism. If you can't stand the thought of not being perfect, you may lie to cover up your normal human failings.
-People sometimes lie because they want to tell others want they think they want to hear.
-Compulsive lying may also be stimulated by boredom - we all like to feel that our lives are exciting, so we may lie to bridge the gap between the way things are and how we would like them to be.

Experts say these liars commit the worst lie of all -- they lie to themselves by denying their own truth and distorting their own reality.

People may embellish their credentials or strengthen their stories and often tell untruths to make themselves appear and feel better.We make ourselves look better than we really are because we want to be liked and admired. We exaggerate our circumstances to pump up our egos or to conceal shame, fear and disappointment. It may be too embarrassing or painful to confront the truth about ourselves.

By honestly acknowledging our embarrassing mistakes and shortcomings -- to ourselves as well as to others -- we are most empowered to learn what is required for improvement......

Friday, February 8, 2008

No more

I decided today that Griffin isn't gonna have to go shopping with me anymore.Let's just say he wasn't happy getting into the cart...or during the shopping task.We had a lovely hour at the park,swinging and he loved watching the bigger kids play and skateboard-then he was strapped into this metal cart.I feel like a bad mom:(

I am so Psyched It's the Day

I get to go grocery shopping today with Griffin! This is always a fun activity for both of us-NOT!!!!! Griffin is very good and very patient..............until a certain point then the race is on to get the goods scanned in the register and get out...which most cashiers don't seem to get as they talk to their peers and Griffin begins to yell and stand up in the cart....I am going to take him to the aprk first but I highly doubt this will make the chore better...Maybe in the future it can be one of those mom bribes but right now I think he just,at some point, says get me the hell out of this cart! Oh well I'll have to update later:) and see how it goes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So many Firsts

Sometimes I forget that Griffin doesn't or wouldn't understand something or know something beause he's never seen or done it before.Yesterday I kept telling him that after library time we were going to the park and it dawned on me he doesn't even know what a park is so I quit saying it ha ha It was so warm outside it was almost like a summer day just not as scorching hot as it gets here during that time of year.It was perfect! I can't wait to teach him so many things but...... I wanna teach him to have fun most of all! I put him in a baby swing for the first time and after a few swings he finally realized he should hang on.He kept looking around then all of sudden he started bursting into laughter every time I pushed him-he learned how fun it is to swing and I had to take pictures of course! I'm hoping today the weather looks up and we can go again.It was a bit weet yesterday and it looks like it is about to pour but if it stops we'll just take some paper towels right? ha ha As he gets bigger he is going to have so many opportunities to play at this park and have fun but I had to capture the first!




Monday, February 4, 2008

NC is Wierd

Everytime Joe and I encounter something we don't understand here in NC,us being from western NY, we always say outloud "we have to remember where we are". We often wonder why servers take soooooo long here.We get fearful when they bring us the check because we usually don't see them again for at least 20 minutes! We are always ready with our card to give them when they hand us the check and still 20 minutes*shrugs* It's just that when you have a baby-20 minutes is a very long time... In NY they "turn and burn" ya-they get ya in and they get ya out.
So my new question is why do I have to take a written test to get a NC driver license? I have been driving since I was 16 and so that's 20 years of driving and now I have to take a test? Joe has to schedule some time off to watch Griffin while I take this "test" and wait in line who knows how long with all this documentation and surrender my NY license and pay a tax % on the 'estimated value" of my piece of junk that is 10 years old.It's like one of those things that seems so ridiculous and makes no sence but you have no other choice...
...........I must admit there are things I have grown to love here and are lives are a bit slower paced than in NY, which is nice to a point-but fo the life of me some things I don't think I'll ever understand lol

Saturday, February 2, 2008

You're Invited

Since I trust those who read my blog.... I am posting a link to a site that is held by my group of family friends from NY-friends that I've held an extremely long time and are like family to me.This site is adminstered by my friend Swanny and his wife Anna and it has photos and small clips of our lives.This site is many years old and is constantly changing.The kids pictures have followed them as toddlers and now as adults.Enjoy!

Hannah Montana

I'm finding myself hopping to Miley Cyrus-what happened to me?I like all kinds of music especially Godsmack and Jay Z now I'm bopping to this ha ha My husband goes "who sings this I like it" and I proceed to tell him it is 15 year old Miley Cyrus and we both he switches the station and we listen to Stereophonics....times are a changing...ha ha...and we're changing with it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Passive Aggressive PD-Thought for the Day

My thought for the day....I have dealt with people many times in life with this disorder.There are many articles on the subject but I chose this one because it is written in an easy to read format and is pretty all inclusive.It is very hard to deal with anyone with this disorder....they can drive you insane because you can never win...........though most of the time these people have no idea they are actually like this...they perceive themselves as something much different.Although in this article it is giving an example of a husband and can get the understanding.
The whole article..

One piece of this article that stands out is:
Often passive-aggressives can appear pleasant and congenial, but time eventually proves such qualities are a part of a disguise. Beneath the surface are traits that could be changed but are not.Most prominent are: a “quiet” anger, irrational fear and a need for control. Let’s look at each separately. A quiet commitment to anger: Some people falsely assume that anger is only manifested in loud raucous behavior. If you don’t shout or curse or throw things, you probably don’t have anger issues, Right? Anger, is not that one-dimensional. Passive-aggressives experience anger as a means of self-preservation. Instead, they choose to register their anger via non-compliance, hidden rebellion, withdrawal and seeming to act oblivious to everything. This behavior quietly shouts: “You bug me and I’m going to punish you for thinking counter to me.”

Here is another article on the subject that I liked!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

His favorite place

The bathtub!

That little butt

I used to get excited to take a bath too-when I had more than 3 minutes to do it ha ha It was a time of relaxation-now it's a race to see how fast I can get in and get out! But many things like that have changed-and so what.I make up for it on the weekend when Joe's around and shave the legs ya know the whole gammit-I even put makeup on ................................ I'll never forget Griffin's cute little butt for the rest of my life... small enough to hold in my hand...ha ha

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A mama and her baby

This is a mama rooster we watched in Key West..It was so sweet to see the baby follow its mama around all over and Griffin was fascinated by them.We ended up sharing some sweet potato puffs with them:)


Still being Sentimental

Just a look back....over the first year of Griffin's life...and yes I am obsessed with taking pictures lol...................








Let Him Eat cake

Look at this birthday boy having his first taste of cake! (a cake my proud self made) He wasn't sure at first but it didn't take long for his taste buds to understand that sweet cake and frosting are good and you should eat as much as possible ha ha He's a 1 year old now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started out at 6 lbs 2 oz


Now a year later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



He's like I've got this handled

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting Back Into the Swing

So I'm trying to change my house around a bit and baby proof more and get back into the swing of normal life.It is going well,albit slow,but well enough ha ha I ut up some curtains and still have to get some for the bedroom.After all the moving and changes I guess it's high time to settle down in this house.It has been so sunny outside which has been wonderful.It's been a bit chilly but it is winter after all but having the sun is so nice.In Rochester gray skies were normal and to have the sunshine makes such a difference! I would love to walk more with Griffin but loose dogs worry me.WE go to the library on Tuesday mornings at 10:15am for Song and story time and Griffin has been loving it-seeing the other kids and clapping to songs has been great.We even colored with crayons last week.I try to get him out to see and experience this world of ours at least every other day if not every day.

Well my little man is changing very fast.He has taken a few steps (usually when he doesn't realize it.He is constantly dancing and rocking his head back and forth and I seem to always have nursery songs playing on the CD player so he is using his hands to imitate me when I do the itsy bitsy spider etc... He gets very excited when certain songs come on and when he's eating, if I don't have the CD player on he will rock his head back and forth and look at the radio so I turn it on.The amount of toys he has acquired from Christmas and his birthday is unbelievable.They have completely filled up our living room.And there is more on the way from family.I will have to upload a picture I took a couple days ago to show it for the full effect ha ha He understands so much more now so I am busy teaching him so many things. think about all the things he will learn this year and there is so much!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So much going on!

I have been busy this week getting ready for Griffin's first birthday party and I have family coming starting on Friday night.My sister just called to tell me she is surprising us by flying down here from NY to be here on Griffin's birthday Saturday which is so nice! Joe's cousin and his wife and their two kids will be arriving on Saturday.Now all I have to do is clean,go grocery shopping tomorrow morning and plan some food ahead so the stress level maintains low tones ha ha I have not been a good blogger as of late because of these tasks and others.I have been trying to organize our house and sort out what goes to goodwill,what gets packed up and stored away etc..... So much to do.But I shall be back next week with my usual bored self ha ha!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My family

Newest addition-My soon to be in April 2008 great Nephew

My nephew Casey James


My nephew Michael (soon to be papa)

My sister Kelly(older sister but not the oldest)

My sister Kim (The oldest)

My brother in law (my sister Kim's husband-married 25 years!)

My mom and dad (married 45 years!)

Eating fresh fish!

Some random pictures!

Griffin and daddy before daddy went to work


Griffin in Key West


Joe,my sister and I boating in Key West


Key West Sunset