Saturday, April 5, 2008

Whoopdee do

The event we were supposed to go to with a local moms group got cancelled cause it's raining.What's funny is our area is still supposedly experiencing 'a drought" yet it's been raining 6 out of 7 days this week *sigh* Oh well.I haven't felt like such a sloth in so long.I seriously want to do nothing.Ok well I HAVE to take care of Griffin and do dishes and start another load of laundry but other than that I plan on doing as little as possible.It isn't what I should be doing but I just don't see much of any productivity happening today.Tomorrow it is supposed to not rain and be sunny so as the plan goes Joe will mow the large lawn we have and I will be productive inside *sigh*.My husband has been a good sport and offered to to do the grocery shopping today-I sent him out with coupons and detailed descriptions and let's just say I'll probaly be finishing it or "adding to it" tomorrow when I go to Aldi's.I really love my husband and feel lucky cause he really is such a good partner.He doesn't run from responsibilities (though he still is a man so his excuses are comicale lol).My body is definately constantly tired yet I can't sleep so it seems to be playing tricks on me.Check out Sarcastic Mom's blog it's the funniest thing I've read in awhile....

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Friday Folks

The day where all the stuff I've procrastinated about (like going to the post office) comes to an end and I just gotta do it.It's been cold and rainy here and I've had that chill in my bones so I haven't felt much like going places.I just have to get a couple things to make broccoli cheese quiche for tomorrow and so I may do a little browsing at Walsmart as well.Tomorrow we're going to an event for a couple hours held by a local moms group here and they are gonna have balloons for the kids and such so I said why not since my schedule isn't packed.Not much else going on so this is yet another boring post but if something more interesting comes up I'm sure I'll be posting! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A choice

I forgot to mention that with the new practice I chose for prenatal care I get my choice of an OB or a midwife and I am thrilled.With Griffin I started out with a midwife and later when we moved had to switch to an OB.What a difference! To the OB I was a number and they were too busy to answer questions and to be honest didn't seem very caring at all.So I am thrilled to be able to choose a midwife.My only worry is that I have had a C section in the past and do not want to play around if it is too dangerous for me to try a VBAC.But anyways I wanted to mention this! They used to actually have a birthing center there at the office but now do all deliveries at get this "Women's Hsopital"-that is the name of the hospital as it is geared towards woman only.Cool huh

Another Day

So not much to report except I had my first doctors appt. It was pretty much a Q&A session on my medical history and some other paperwork.They used the little wheel thing to estimate my Due date as November 2nd-which is a great time since noone in our families has a November birthdate.I go back on April 22nd for the full exam, bloodwork,weigth check-the whole shabam. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat and I wish I would of been able to hear it yesterday to calm my worries a little but what ya gonna do? I haven't had the extended knock me off my feet nausea I had with Griffin I'm just really tired. But alas, now that I have a one year old I'm used to performing on little sleep!!! The one thing that is bad-and this happened since 3 days after I found out I was pregnant is insomnia.I can usually hit the hay like a ton of bricks no problem which I do.But then, a couple hours later, my eyes pop open like someone called my name "wake up there is a lot of action going on". Of course there is nothing but Griffin in his room snoring, darkness and my husbands breathing.I swear I lay there for hours.I try different positions,I try to tell myself over and over just freakin' sleep but no. I am wide awake.This started at 4 months with Griffin and he's pretty active I'm wondering do I have a wild child in my belly? Oh I can't wait to find out. I have to wait until 18 weeks to have an ultrasound unless there is a medical reason to have one sooner and boy I can't wait for that.Except I hate the thought of drinking all that water,filling up your bladder to capacity, arriving at the office to find "they're running behind" and trying to act like a normal person when all you want to do is pee your pants! Man I hope we can videotape it like we did with Griffin.That is something to see and I think,I may be wrong but he was only 7 or 8 inches long at the time.They blow of the screen and make them look so big you forget how tiny they are.My little peanut is the size of a grape right now.Can you believe that -a human being the size of a grape-what a miracle it is to me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I haven't been good at updating since I have had so much swirling in my mind which makes it so hard for me to write. Today I am doing my SMW blog assignment "Springtime" and updating on my last post. I had a really good time going out with three girls last Friday.One only stayed for dinner but the rest of them (us three) went bowling and then went to Denny's afterwards for a long time.I hadn't stayed out that late in so long I couldn't remember and we all hit it off.They were very down to earth and we all had a lot in common and we're all about the same age (ok I was the oldest but what's two years lol) I am glad I went and I may meet one of them at a Pot Luck dinner the mommies group has planned at a park this weekend.They have face painting and games and balloons for the kids so why not.It's only for a couple hours so I think it'll be great.

Now about my blog assignment Springtime.A time when the cold goes away and the warm weather starts. It has a lot of meaning to me. First off, it is the time of year when my parents return from Florida to NY and stop by here in NC for a visit so I always look forward to that! Last year I drove to NY with them. Me and Griffin hitched a ride. I'm thinking we may do the same this year. We'll see how the whole being stuck in a carseat for hours thing goes. When he was little it was no big deal but it is sure to be different now. I mean we're in a motorhome so he can get out sometimes but I don't like it.My parents stop every few hours but to a toddler that can seem like days.We'll probably do it anyways though for the free ride lol

Now as for the other benefits of Springtime it is the start of a fresh new wonderful season of weather when the temperature is just right-not too cold and not too hot! Summer here is scorching so Springtime is perfect.We have hundreds of birds surrounding our house and they have already started their morning serenade here It is LOUD but I love it because I just love birds.I don't like the one that wakes at 6am though I have to admit.... But in all it is just a reminder of a happy, warm time just around the bend!!!!