Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday!!!! Unfortunately it just started pouring out :( I plan on going to Lowe's Home Improvement (one of my favs!) and stuff and just walking out in the rain seems so unappealing to me.We are still in the process of getting the message out about our new baby on the way to all our family who is spread everywhere.Joe's family is small so it's pretty easy.My family is big and everywhere so "getting the word out" is more challenging.But regardless,back to my whining about the rain.The other night I'm pretty sure we were on the edge of a tornado but other than that this week has been sunny almost like spring was here.Then I saw the ants, yes the ants, in my recycle bin and new winter must be coming to a close.Last year we learned that having ants was no big deal and was a normal thing in North Carolina.Well in NY it isn't so I enlisted some ant oil poison and made it my mission to eradicate our house of this little critter. Lowe's has the poison as well so all the more reason to go. Griffin loves Lowes because of his obsession with ceiling fans lol and I could spend all day in that store.It just makes me dream ya know.....I certiantly hope ot be a more active blogger next week and I have some pictures to share as well!! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've been bad

I haven't updated but I have an excuse.I have been deep in thought and planning....... I got a huge and exciting shock this week and am just enjoying it! We haven't told family yet and are just relishing in the amazement I guess. Yep we're having another baby!!!! It's a miracle to us and we feel so lucky!! Our son Griffin really is the focus of our lives so imagining sharing our love for him with another is hard-but I know we will! More after I eat.... ha ha

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just a short post tonight. Today it was very sunny out and there was just a little chill to the air but it was nice enough to be outside a bit.I let Griffin walk in the back yard for the first time and he was so excited! He still hasn't mastered his balance completely so he looks like he's had a few drinks ha ha but he can walk 15-20ft before he usually sits himself on his butt when he feels too unbalanced. Since our yard is huge and a little uneven I lent him my hand.So he walked and walked and walked and a couple of times I let go of him and he'd walk like 10 ft on his own and look and me and reach for my hand.It was so cute and he seemed so happy. We still have leaves in our yard because our rake is somewhere who knows and I'm just waiting to mow over them when the weather is better ha ha So we have a couple piles and he loved rolling around in them and surprisingly didn't try to eat them! He was much to fascinated with the sound they made.We had such a good time and I can't wait to have more days like today to spend with him. I'd like to get a baby swing to hang from one of our trees as well. Today was just one of those lazy,spending time together days and it was so nice.My husband had to work 6 days this week,6 days last week and the week before so I know having a nice sunny day made his day even better because he got to use his new jogging stroller he saved up for.It was so cute seeing him use it and I think Griffin really loved it because he loves going fast. He has toys to ride on and the faster he is pushed the more excited he gets so the stroller is definately a hit!