Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've been on break

From my blog as everyone can see.I have been trying to "get out" kind of.Get out of the house that is.I've been trying to meet people,bring Griffin outside more and go to the park since the sun started shining and the weather has been better-still a little chilly at times but warm enough to be outside.So I haven't been on the computer as much.Plus we have family coming next week so I've been trying to organize and do a little spring cleaning-not only in my house but with myself.I have my big OB appointment on the 22nd and I'm excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and know that ll looks good so I'm looking forward to that! I will be updating soon.So far I've met a few nice moms around here.It's different and harder as you get older to cultivate friendships because we are all so busy taking care of our own families but it's easy to forget that adult conversation and company is good for anyone.It's been nice to meet people more than once and actually remember someone.I also went to a Pampered Chef party(I'm a PC junkie) but I was very conservative in my order.I ordered stoneware since I am sick after finding metal pieces in food I cooked from my expensive non stick pans!!! So I will update soon.I am reading though keeping up on everyones blogs!