Friday, November 30, 2007


I was given this award by Mishelle aka Secretagentmama and I humbly accept! My thanks to her and to everyone else who wastes their time reading my fairly boring blog lol I'm just getting started though in my defense ha ha
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I almost forgot the other award given to me.It is given to people who provide you ammunition! to people who read your words and give you reason to continue on your mission to blog!

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Just playing

Excuse this I'm just playing with widgets to keep my mind off my terrrible day so I don't cry.

Questions of Life

I've just been ho hum for a few days.I'm depressed a bit and just don't feel myself. Someone I have never met yet experienced pregnancy and after with, found out their child has life long health issues and I'm having a hard time accepting that.I see nothing but a beautiful child a happy one at that! My heart aches for her mother and father. I do believe things aren't always as they seem so I'm very hopeful.The doctors don't seem to very informative and is leaving her parents in a state of confusion asking what now? Which makes it worse... Thank goodness she will always be surrounded with love and attention no matter what.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


The commercialization of Christmas really gets to me sometimes.I know it is nice to get people gifts and it makes me feel good but I don't like the fact that,especially for kids, the implication the retailers give you that you have to spend a lot to get them anything they would remotely like.It's all about "stuff".Acquire more stuff... I like gift cards because if you get one you can use it for something you truly need/want.Same thing for if you give one.But to get people slippers, nightgowns,gloves etc... when you don't know if they need them or want them and are just at a loss as to what they would like seems dumb to me.I know a lot of people don't do gift cards because they want the person to have something to open but why not get a small gift and include the gift card? My nephews are big now but when they were little I bought them video games, toys, board games, radios, walkie talkies etc.. and they acquired so much stuff-so much that they had no idea they had it because it never got used more than a few times..... Maybe nowadays it is different because a lot of the gifts are electronic and they get used more and they cost more? Still, I think rather than guessing sometimes a gift card would be a good idea-what kid doesn't like to shop for themselves ha ha Kids nowadays don't want an Mp3 player they need an Ipod.They don't want a cell phone they want a Juke,Razor or Chocolate Bar cell phone-it's all about brand names marketed to them to sell stuff. So you wonder when you buy something is this really gonna be good enough and live up to their expectations-is it the right brand? I guess this goes through my head periodically when I am shopping for the holidays. I am always trying to stream line the "stuff" I have that I don't use so I guess that is why I have this thing about "stuff"..................

Growing Up

My baby boy understands a lot and it amazes me every day.I have given him a plastic fork a few times and although he is by no means eating with a fork he understands how to hold it and that it is used to scoop food out of a bowl or plate. I guess you have to start somewhere ha ha. If I hand him a fork and then hold up a bowl/plate he dips the fork in it.Not much if any food makes it on the fork but he tries to eat it none the less ha ha Sometimes he turns the fork around preferring to chew on the handle lol He has also become a fan of banging,dropping and throwing his sippy cup as well! He is doing so good eating table food.Last night he has some turkey meat sticks and some baked potato and a few bites of a juicy pear for dessert.The night before last he had some chicken and a sweet potato.It is so cute to watch him chew and a lot of the times he chews while smiling.I swear this kid makes me feel like a million bucks everytime I look at him......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Spirit of the Season

I'm getting into the holiday spirit! We feel so lucky to have our new baby this year to share Christmas with. We are so happy to have him it can't be put into words! We look forward to him enjoying all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the holiday season. We put up the Christmas tree tonight and when we got all done we set him in front of it to take a look. He looked it up and down and then he stared at the bulbs and the tinsel and the lights and then looked at each of us and smiled..................then he made a giant leap for the tree!
Which of course we fully expected-ok we're knew parents we kind of longed to experience him going after it- we admit it ha ha We have cornered the tree with furniture and his play pen so he can look at it but it will be safely out of reach while it's up though.Here is a few pictures we took trying to make this years Christmas Card lol

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