Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Please interpret me mama

Ok so my son is a fruit addict.He has narrowed down watermelon and strawberries to being his favorite but he still loves grapes and pineapple.He isn't sure about cantalope yet.He still loves the old stand bys like pears and peaches and raisins but watermelon and strawberries feverishly go in his mouth like he hasn't eaten in 3 years.It is really funny to see him start begging for certain things he likes to eat and so funny when he tries something new.We've had the video camera out more and more this week.He wasn't too into corn on the cob since he wasn't biting it hard enough and thought the cob was a stick to be thrown lol So I ended up cutting the corn off of the cob and he munched it right up.Seems he is quite the corn lover these days.He seems to be quite the meat lover as well.He likes salami, pepperoni, turkey, ground beef, steak. He isn't into potatoes anymore and green beans and spinach don't seem to have the same appeal anymore either.I'm trying to gove him a big variety of food so he doesn't become picky.Of course I notice sometimes he refuses to try something and I make him eat it and once he gets that first bite he is usually into it and starts feeding himself lol It is really wierd.I can finally see that he is geting a bit taller and he just looks "bigger" to me and bulkier.He just turned 17 months on the 26th and although he really isn't talking yet he definately expresses what he wants and doesn't want all day loong lol We do get repeated sounds a lot but I still don't understand what he is trying to say.He has an 18 month check up in about a month so it'll be interesting to see what she says about him not talking.He babbles like he is havign a full blown conversation with you-including head movements,talking hands you name it and it is so darn cute to see him look up at you his head bobbing up and down talking away-but hell if I know what he's trying to say lol He did say "ish" for about a week when referring to fish and bab when referring to the baby in my belly but then as always I don't hear it again.I will have to update after we see the doctor.The 4th of July on Friday is gonna be a long day.We have a parade at 9am and a cookout with a neighborhood group right after then the waterpark party is starts at 1pm then later there is music and fireworks in the park.We live in a small town (which is much bigger than the small town I grew up in) so it is nice to attend family events here and the town is very family oriented.If I don't blog before then have a great 4th everyne!