Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Come on Sunshine

I'm still waiting for the sun!! It always is sunny here and it is so unusual that there has been no sun for almost two weeks now! Even when it is freezing here the sun shines .... I just can't wait until it decides to come again. Griffin and I went roller skating today with a local mommie group and we had a lot of fun.I actually put him in his stroller and zoomed around on the rink with him and he looooved it! He clapped and swayed his head to the music and had a permanent smile on his face the whole time. Everyone kept remarking how smiley he was. of course secretly I loved just the fact that he was getting tired out for a nap later lol I let him push the stroller around the place for what seemed like a half hour.He loved visiting with the other kids too and he especially wanted to touch the older kids skates who had brought their own skates.I think he liked the bright colors and he just loves wheels on anything. I tell ya it really is good excercise. I did it a few months ago and I laugehd because it had been so many years since I roller skated I thought I looked ridiculous. But you definately get a good workout and it's better than staying inside on a gloomy day like this for sure! I've been feeling utterly exhausted these past few days and today is no exception.. so now that we are back I am gonna try to nap.I doubt it'll happen but nothing wrong with hopin' right?