Friday, November 9, 2007


Joe's brother flew in from Long Island on Wednesday and will be staying until Saturday.I love him...but there are some things... He is a very big guy-I'd have to guess 220lbs at least and he is afraid of bugs.Last night at 11:30pm he advised me that there was a bug int the bathroom and showed me with his fingers how big it was.He was showing it was 3 inches long!!! I was like 'are you sure" and started to get nervous.He said "you better go look and take bug spray or a swatter or something".Joe was sleeping.I'm a country girl from upstate NY and even though I'm not use to all the bugs I've encountered in NC (and don't like) generally I can handle them.So I go into the bathroom shaking-his brother is behind me crouched and will not step into the bathroom.Well I found the bug which was approximatelty 1/2 inch long=a potatoe bug and I got it with some tissue and showed it to him.I said "Is this the bug" and he peeked over (since he would not come within 4 ft. of it and said "yes thank god you got it".I told Joe about it this morning and he's like my brother is wierd.He's afraid of a lot of things.When he was here for a visit Memorial day weekend and we were in the yard he had bug spray and was constantly spraying it,some repellant cream he rubbed on his legs,some sunburn spray bottle for his bald head,another bottle of sunscreen for the rest of him,a nasal inhaler he was using- all next to him the whole time.Joe said my brother "can't hang" he is like a paranoid old man.His brother also likes to know what we are doing-he needs a schedule-and it always needs to include shopping and buying something-for himself.That is a whole nother story. This is enough for today lol.Gosh I feel better :)


I was upset with this blog because I lost a huge post!!! I also have to relog in constantly.Maybe they are having issues.I know it is silly to be mad at a blog but geeze...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I just want to add that I made homeade scalloped potatoes for the first time today-I got them prepared and part way cooked so we can have them with dinner tomorrow night.I have the roast with potatoes/carrots cooking in the crockpot and most of the baby stuff stored away.There is so much to do today I can't see me possibly getting it all done.The baby has been giving me such a hard time eating solids but he ate fork mashed potatoes for lunch and I am soooo happy!At least the day has been partially productive.
Today is a better day...except I forgot about daylight savings time and Griffin got up at 5am! BUT-he did sleep through the night for the second day in a row so I am very very happy.He hasn't done that since he was born.Joe is home today it's his day off and he is sleeping.I'll get a nap sometime today.Then I am making a small sirloin tip roast in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots, going grocery shopping and of course the never ending saga of laundry.. Joe only has one day off this week so I'm gonna take advantage of it.Plus his brother flies in on Wednesday so there are things I need to get done.I went through all Griffin's clothes and am storing things such as the bottle warmer, his baby bathtub etc.... On with the day...