Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Big Boy

I was gonna post this and forgot.I took Griffin for his flu shot yesterday and the little peanut gained a pound in three weeks! I guess that explains the periodic nights of him waking up lol I have noticed he is eating so much solid food I have had to buy a lot more than usual in the past month. The boy is eating a small fortune my goodness but I see his growth spurt has helped.

Christmas presents

Since Christmas and Griffin's birthday are only a month apart I've been looking at toys.We have a budget of course, a small one.Since he really doesn't know the difference I guess we're lucky this year :) I have been looking at 3 in particular and have read the reviews. The only concern with the table is that it is not very sturdy for a baby that climbs.Though Griffin has just started slowly crusing he isn't at that climbing stage yet but he is trying to literally climb things by pulling on them and has almost lifted himself entirely off the ground hanging on to the outside of his playpen! I guess when he gets to the climbing stage I can just pull off the legs and put it on his Plastic picnic table he has so he can still play with it. Here are the three toys I am almost positive we have decided on.
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I'm so indecisive I could change my mind but I really like these so far!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Laughing is good for the Soul

So yesterday was like any day except Griffin had a Zwieback toast for the first time which he insisted on sharing with me and laughed everytime my face came near it.Needless to say by the end I had some of it on my face and it made him laugh even harder.It's amazing because he was up 4X during the night for some reason and hadn't slept all day but 15 minutes yet he was still happy. I was exhausted, with toast on my face and when I went to wipe it off I looked in the mirror I just had to laugh.Because I know this will be a good story to tell Joe when he got home.We took him to dinner last night and ordered him a baked potato which he loved but he put on quite the funny show for us and everyone else.He raises his arms up when we say "sooo big" then bangs his hands on the table again and again and laughs.He waits for our reaction,laughs, then continues.Everyone had to stop and talk with him and he puts on the big smile and shows them his noise making abilities.We then took him to Walgreens for a few minutes and played all the animated Christmas figures they had in there and he stared,laughed and grabbed at every one of them.I think we had more fun doing it and we were cracking up.Other people cracked up too.It's just so cute that he has no idea about Christmas,Santa and the "Season" yet. Next year I'm sure we'll be hearing "I want that" or grabbing what he wants at Christmas time lol so we are just gonna enjoy this while it lasts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time to make donuts mama

Every morning when I wake to my baby boys smile I ask him is it time to make the donuts? Instead of another day another dollar I tell him another day another smile.Oh how happy it makes me to see that smile.I never thought I could love anything this much! *sigh* Not much to say today because I'm actually going to try to be productive for once.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My little fella

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I look at this picture and I see the most beautiful thing in the world. He just started trying to cruise around and between furniture yesterday trying to build up his confidence.He is changing so rapidly.He is becoming really vocal and expressive with his hands and actions. He is very social and wants us to know how he is feeling and needs to know we enjoy what he's doing wether it is clapping, dancing, making noise. He waits for our reaction when he falls or does something-he's learning every second of the day it seems. I think he is going through yet another growth spurt since he is eating an unbelieveable amount of milk and solid food everyday.Only so much comes out so I have no idea where it all goes lol.

We got him a toy he can walk with when he is able to and after that he can actually ride it like a scooter and I can't get over how much he loves it.We are right there when he is standing with it but I can't get over how brave he is.He has actually taken steps with it but it is still something that needs to be done with supervision because it easily goes forward and yet Griff does not so easily go forward.He just loves the toys on it and loves to stand so I think it was a good investment.It is more age appropriate for him then the rest of his toys,except a Vtech driver things that has a steering wheel etc... on it. Well I'm just gushing about my little fella so I'll sign off until another day.... Here is a picture of this wonderful toy!
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