Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Friday!!

Not much to report that is entertaining. Today I filed our taxes so we'll be awaiting our refund. The money will be used eventually for some type of vehicle as mine is slowly dying.God I love my Honda and I can't bear to give her away but it looks like we have to eventually. So I'm not too excited about our refund but to me it's another chore crossed off my list today. Tonight I am actually going to do something totally different and I am nervous to say the least. I am supposed to go out with some women from a local mommies group to eat and possibly bowling afterwards.I'll have to update everyone on the experience as I've only met one of these women so far and I am very nervous in social siutations as I've mentioned before.It'll be interesting to say the least and I don't have far to travel so why not.Nothing pressing to do today except go to the bank and the post office and make oatmeal raisin cookies. Damn commercials I see a commercial and they show me something good and the craving starts and isn't satsifed until I have it.Yesterday it was banana bread-I think that came from a Hotel commercial advertising continental breakfast. I am so pathetic lol

Griffin has been perfecting his tantrums and they have become louder.I always seem to point my finger up and down at him when I tell him no no so he's begun doing this to me.His cold has made him a little moody I guess.He's learning how to be a man ha ha Now my husband has been telling me "Griffin gave me a cough".Well boo hoo I think to myself and laugh when I'm alone.I am so bad!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today is one of those days

..and it seems like I have a lot of them.One of those days when I love being a mom and glad he can so easily make me laugh or take my mind off what I'm worrying about.My son was sick once when he was 3 months old with a cold for a bout 5 days and that's it.He was a happy camper the whole time go figure.Well it seems he started developing a cough Sunday and today his nose ran twice.I had to laugh though cause he has this big smile on his face and the snot is running down and I'm trying to chase after him with a tissue and then he gets the tissue from me and it's a fight and it rips and he is laughing and I'm like you're so silly just let me wipe your nose.So what does he do-he swings his head from right to left as fast as he can so I can't wipe his nose laughing the whole time.He got me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and then he hugged me while wrapping his arms around my neck.So yeah I got snot on me but I can deal with that.... Those hugs feel so good.I have to say he is quite the snuggly boy.Sometimes if I ask him for a kiss he'll run right over and give me one and I hope it's because he gets so many hugs and kisses all the time... Snot and all those hugs rule!
Many Thanks to Huckdoll for yet another great web site on organizing your day!! Here it is folks- have been slowly workin on getting more motivated and actually accomplishing more! Thought the thought of having a garage sale is less than appealing to me I've realized we have more stuff that we could get rid of that is just cluttering up my house. So that will be event I will have to plan on when the weather warms up. Plus I'm trying to make room for another addition to our family and all the "stuff" that will be out of our basement and back in the house for the new little one.
Easter was very nice! We just had a laid back day and gave Griffin his little basket and played outside while the weather was so nice.We had a nice dinner of Grilled chicken, baked potato,corn and applesauce. It was nothing special but grilling outside made it seem so. It is still a bit chilly here yet some days it warms up so much it almost seems like winter is over. I can't wait! Then again last summer was sooo hot I couldn't breathe and the thought of being pregnant in that heat makes me content to keep the weather like it is now.I already warned my husband that we have to buy another air conditioner.It's funny, here they will actually announce on local stations not to spend more than a few minutes outside..... So I better be careful what I wish for!