Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have experienced depression for many years since I was young and can honestly say I have felt much less depressed since I stopped taking all those damned anti depressants I have been subscribed over the years! It has been over a year and has been so refreshing! I was recently reading an article that stated people who experience or are prone to depression are those type of people that are less likely to lie to themselves and face problems. Hence they experience more anxiety about some things... They say having a positive outlook and sometimes lying to ourselves in harmless ways can actually make us less stressed, more hopeful and not so hard on ourselves in day to day life. It was a very interesting article. It went on to discuss people who take lying to an extreme as a means of avoiding their feelings, their feelings about themselves in relation to others and their use of lying as an avoidance mechanism to avoid their own faults. Here are some excerpts.

Why do people lie compulsively?
-Compulsive lying may originally be prompted by the fear that you are not interesting enough. And so you invent stories that create the image you want to project to others.
-Compulsive lying may also be prompted by perfectionism. If you can't stand the thought of not being perfect, you may lie to cover up your normal human failings.
-People sometimes lie because they want to tell others want they think they want to hear.
-Compulsive lying may also be stimulated by boredom - we all like to feel that our lives are exciting, so we may lie to bridge the gap between the way things are and how we would like them to be.

Experts say these liars commit the worst lie of all -- they lie to themselves by denying their own truth and distorting their own reality.

People may embellish their credentials or strengthen their stories and often tell untruths to make themselves appear and feel better.We make ourselves look better than we really are because we want to be liked and admired. We exaggerate our circumstances to pump up our egos or to conceal shame, fear and disappointment. It may be too embarrassing or painful to confront the truth about ourselves.

By honestly acknowledging our embarrassing mistakes and shortcomings -- to ourselves as well as to others -- we are most empowered to learn what is required for improvement......

Friday, February 8, 2008

No more

I decided today that Griffin isn't gonna have to go shopping with me anymore.Let's just say he wasn't happy getting into the cart...or during the shopping task.We had a lovely hour at the park,swinging and he loved watching the bigger kids play and skateboard-then he was strapped into this metal cart.I feel like a bad mom:(

I am so Psyched It's the Day

I get to go grocery shopping today with Griffin! This is always a fun activity for both of us-NOT!!!!! Griffin is very good and very patient..............until a certain point then the race is on to get the goods scanned in the register and get out...which most cashiers don't seem to get as they talk to their peers and Griffin begins to yell and stand up in the cart....I am going to take him to the aprk first but I highly doubt this will make the chore better...Maybe in the future it can be one of those mom bribes but right now I think he just,at some point, says get me the hell out of this cart! Oh well I'll have to update later:) and see how it goes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So many Firsts

Sometimes I forget that Griffin doesn't or wouldn't understand something or know something beause he's never seen or done it before.Yesterday I kept telling him that after library time we were going to the park and it dawned on me he doesn't even know what a park is so I quit saying it ha ha It was so warm outside it was almost like a summer day just not as scorching hot as it gets here during that time of year.It was perfect! I can't wait to teach him so many things but...... I wanna teach him to have fun most of all! I put him in a baby swing for the first time and after a few swings he finally realized he should hang on.He kept looking around then all of sudden he started bursting into laughter every time I pushed him-he learned how fun it is to swing and I had to take pictures of course! I'm hoping today the weather looks up and we can go again.It was a bit weet yesterday and it looks like it is about to pour but if it stops we'll just take some paper towels right? ha ha As he gets bigger he is going to have so many opportunities to play at this park and have fun but I had to capture the first!




Monday, February 4, 2008

NC is Wierd

Everytime Joe and I encounter something we don't understand here in NC,us being from western NY, we always say outloud "we have to remember where we are". We often wonder why servers take soooooo long here.We get fearful when they bring us the check because we usually don't see them again for at least 20 minutes! We are always ready with our card to give them when they hand us the check and still 20 minutes*shrugs* It's just that when you have a baby-20 minutes is a very long time... In NY they "turn and burn" ya-they get ya in and they get ya out.
So my new question is why do I have to take a written test to get a NC driver license? I have been driving since I was 16 and so that's 20 years of driving and now I have to take a test? Joe has to schedule some time off to watch Griffin while I take this "test" and wait in line who knows how long with all this documentation and surrender my NY license and pay a tax % on the 'estimated value" of my piece of junk that is 10 years old.It's like one of those things that seems so ridiculous and makes no sence but you have no other choice...
...........I must admit there are things I have grown to love here and are lives are a bit slower paced than in NY, which is nice to a point-but fo the life of me some things I don't think I'll ever understand lol