Monday, May 5, 2008

Money and Mums the word

I guess that has been why I have been so quiet-money or the lack there of... It has become apprent that we may need a different car-especially when the new baby comes.Problem is-there is no room in the budget for a car payment and the whole thing has spun me into a bit of depression as I have to figure out how to bring in money and make sure my son is taken care of... So I haven't been much into talking about other things for awhile since I am having this inner battle.I don't judge other people by saying this-it is just how I feel-and I feel wrong for having someone take care of MY CHILD we created 40 hours a week just because of the allmighty dollar.I am a terrible decision maker so to solve this problem I have to do lots of research and figure out some sort of solution so I have been trying to do just that lately.I am just having ahard time with it emotionally and to top it all off when I lived in NY the job market there was so bad.I mean so bad as in people with Masters degrees competing for $8 jobs.Hence the last coupdl fo jobs I had were low pay and sucked so bad.My resume looks awful and I just frankly have no confidence when it comes to getting a job at all so that adds to this dilema.I guess I will figure it out I have to somehow.Plus I'm pregnant and I don't know how employers react to that thinking I will be gone 8 weeks int he near future.Oh what to do-it is such a dilema.I am looking forward going to NY for a couple weeks around the 22nd and when I get back then I can look for some type of job.It would be nice to visit some people I know,especially family,I need it right now.