Sunday, December 30, 2007

Going to Paradise

Well I have been busy busy and neglecting this tiny aspect of my life.Monday the 31st we are off to Key West and will fly back the 11th!!! To everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Joe's Aunt

Something she did really made me depressed.I am not looking forward to spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with her and I am trying not to be like that and jsut ignore it so I enjoy the holidays but it is hard.I had suggested a gift one of her grandsons might like (cause she said she had no clue what to get them) and in turn she called their mother and said "I expected her to spend far more money on them than she planned".That wasn't it at all.I didn't intend for her to take it like that it was only a suggestion.They are rich and will never spend all their money in their lifetime and they only have their 2 grandsons to buy for and noone else.I didn't think a $100 guitar was out of the question and she said she didn't know what to get them.Apparently she said she only expected to spend $50 at the most in total on the two kids less if she could.She is getting them a Rubiks cube "to share" is one gift she told Joe's mom about.Whatever.Her and her husband are very very cheap and much of their life revolves around money,how to not spend it and how to amass more.It depressed me the whole thing-the fact that she called their mother and was offended and the fact that they are so concerned with "their money".It just gets me down and makes me not want to spend the holidays with them.It is supposed to be a happy time,a time when you get excited to see the kids open up their gifts.

I guess you'd have to meet them they are the wierdest people I ever met and extremly cheap and everything is about money to them.I'm depressed even typing this out...

We're Electronically challenged

So we've come to accept that this year Joe and I are electronically challenged.Two Tv's have gone caput on us.Then the computer (a new motherboard fixed that) and our awesome Toaster went a month ago and now as of last week our fancy DVD player went.I bought Joe that DVD player 4 years ago and it had all the bells and whistles but now it is dead.Sooo we are left playing DVD's in Joe's old Playstation.Hey at least we have something but what more can happen this year.Our garage looks like a storage place for old electronics.I have to pay to have most of them disposed of and can never seem to justify spending the money so there they sit.

I lost a day this week.I thought Tuesday was Wednesday and Wednesday was Thursday and it didn't hit me until 8pm on Wednesday night.I've been baking.My circus waffle idea didn't work all it did was make a huge mess but overall everything else went well with baking.I still have fudge and 7 layer bars to make but those are easy.I may make another type of cookie since I have an extra day this week (since I lost one lol).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Done with the stress Ready for Fun!

Ok so technically I'm done Christmas shopping Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to get a few more stocking stuffers for Joe and Griffin! I think I was done Thursday but that was only because I had to wait on that Olive Garden gift card to mail the last of the packages.I could of bought the prepaid Visa I bought Joe's nephew before that but I figured I'd do it on the same trip as when I went to the post office. I have never been done so early.I am just overwhelmed with pride because of it.I think I'll defiantely be more organized next year and get some done during the year because feeling this way is great.No stress just enjoying the season! I have a lot of holiday baking to do and this is something I really enjoy.Normally I do a lot of it.I will be doing a lot for Joe's employees, our great neighbors and Joe's family for Christmas.I went and got even more baking stuff tonight.I'm not gonna even state how much I've spent on baking supplies because the guilt will set in.But there are certain supplies I replace every year regardless because they aren't used much like cocoa powder,baking soda,baking powder,crisco.Of course I always have to buy confectionary sugar,coconut etc...
I am very upset this year because I am unable to find where my circues waffle maker was put during our move(handed down to me from my grandma).I know it is somewhere but I can't find it so I have to improvise with old fashioned steel cookie cutters that have handles on them and a handle made out of a coat hanger ha ha The handle is so I don't burn myself frying them in the oil.Then I coat them in confectionary sugar when they come out just like a funnel cake basically like you get at the fair.I was gonna scrap my idea and just make fried dough but I really want to make the circus waffles.I am gonna make fudge,christmas sugar cookies,7 layer bars,peanut butter cookies,a new one this year whoopie pies,I may make brownies or brownie cookies haven't decided which but they will be topped with chocolate frosting and crushed up peppermint candy canes.I will also make Italian chocolate meatball cookies which are awesome.Now I'm hungry oh boy,I have a sweet tooth-always have always will.

Anyways Griffin and I did some dancing today to Christmas music and we did some waltzing.Joe got laughing so hard because Griffin was in my arms and continued to sway back and forth when I stopped moving.He also kept moving his hand up and down as if I was still waltzing with him! He loves to dance like his mama!He definately wants to get after the presents and the tree now.He is done being curious and now really just wants to tear it all apart lol.He especially loves bows and the christmas ornaments, so we had to block off the tree a bit more.

In the last three weeks he has really found his voice and wants you to know how loud he can get.He does this ear peircing scream or sreech whatever it is and is So loud you have to cover your ears eeeeeegads.He is also having these constant conversations with himself and everyone else.He's been doing that for awhile, having the conversations, but now it is a constant and he looks at you as if you understand and tips his head-he just cracks me up it's so cute.He walks around the house with his highchair and if he gets stuck on something and it won't move he grunts and pushes and I am always laughing or running for a camera.He's a one man circus show all the time ha ha I tell you
I love that boy with all my heart and I could never imagine a day without him in my life.We feel very lucky to have him and he is our miracle and will forever be-our little Griffin Lee!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost done..

I say that loosely to encourage myself...and I am referring to Christmas shopping.As I said before I am a terrible decision maker otherwise I would be done by now.But I am proud of myself nonetheless.I have even wrapped most gifts and mailed some gifts and only have two more packages to mail.I am waiting on an Olive Garden gift card I ordered November 27th.The stupid 800# never ever answers and claims you are on hold for the next available person which is bull because I set my phone on speaker for 45 minutes twice and noone answered then the calls disconnected.I have emailed and left 3 messages with no return calls! If I had the card I could mail one of my packages so I find this inexcusable and filled out some dumb corporate form today to complain that I am unable to communicate with them regarding the status of the card.Can you tell I'm pissed? Well I am.It made me mad today too that I went in Target and saw that you could buy Olive Garden gift cards in a set amount.Even though mine was for more than they offered It is not worth this hassle.I know I'm obsessed.I would laugh but I'm still mad
:( poor Griffin is sleeping.He didn't get his nap until late because we had to return a gift grandma got him and go to another store to et him a new toy.He was so good for me-smiling and laughing for peoplebut he was one tired little fella rubbin' his red eyes.He fell asleep in minutes.It's almost dinner time.I better get going.

Friday, December 7, 2007

It's been so long

Since I had a nap during the day when I'm usually home with Griffin alone.Even if he does fall asleep usually I can't or he wakes up before I get a chance to slip into la la land.Today as soon as he fell asleep for his nap at 430pm I laid on the couch with a pillow on my head.As any other time I tried this-I highly doubted I would succeed! For some reason I keep trying? ha ha Anyone who knows me well knows I loooove sleep.Well even though I love it and always have, my body changed it's mind about sleep when I was ending my 4th month of pregnancy! I layed awake so much at night it was hardly worth going to bed the rest of my pregnancy ha ha Then I dragged allll day.The day I came home from the hospital with my beautiful newborn son I looked forward to some sleep.After about 8 hours it was starting to get dark and since I was breastfeeding and seeing how often my little fella was hungry I slowly started thinking maybe this sleep thing wasn't going to work out like I had been thinking all day.And so began my HUGE lesson in the lack of sleep and the need to be a caring, patient and doting parent regardless if you've slept 1 hour out of 24.Some days I think I was delirious.I went in the shower with my glasses on.Wore my shorts inside out all day and to a store.You name it I did it.But it is true what they say it really is all worth it! I may have felt exhausted and looked like a deranged monkey but.....everything hard in life is worth more!

So anyways back to my original story of my attempt to take a nap today.I actually fell asleep for an hour until I heard Griffin.I was in such a deep sleep (it had become dark outside) I wondered why he was not in his jammies.I thought to myself how could I leave my baby all night in bib overalls and I went to check on Joe in our bedroom because I wondered why he hadn't woke me up to take care of Griffin-that is when I realized it wasn't early morning it was nighttime, 5:30pm to be exact! It was such a nice sound sleep and I don't remember anything except putting that pillow on my head.Such a nice memory................................

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh little Blog

I have neglected you...but for good reason.I am busy doing things for the holidays.Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping,packing,shipping.I will back to you soon.Griffin has been continuously sleeping through the night weeks and weeks and it's like I have my mind back.(except for the occasional wake up).I'm gonna use it wisely and get this stressful stuff done so I can relax.I'm a terrible terrible worrywart and when it comes to giving gifts and wrapping it is hard for me to make decisons (hence mental stress) and everything must look beautiful! I actually accomplished sending almost all my Christmas cards out-except 8 and mailed one package.45 minutes in line at the Post office with Griffin in one arm and a package in the other,until I finally set it down.He's such a good baby.He wiggled some but it was mostly to try to touch other people.He laughed and entertained the whole line!! He looks so cute with his teeth when he smiles! I loved it when he was all gums but this smile with his 7 teeth is precious.I need to work on a pic.I'm exhausted and am going to sign off but I will return soon.......................

Friday, November 30, 2007


I was given this award by Mishelle aka Secretagentmama and I humbly accept! My thanks to her and to everyone else who wastes their time reading my fairly boring blog lol I'm just getting started though in my defense ha ha
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I almost forgot the other award given to me.It is given to people who provide you ammunition! to people who read your words and give you reason to continue on your mission to blog!

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Just playing

Excuse this I'm just playing with widgets to keep my mind off my terrrible day so I don't cry.

Questions of Life

I've just been ho hum for a few days.I'm depressed a bit and just don't feel myself. Someone I have never met yet experienced pregnancy and after with, found out their child has life long health issues and I'm having a hard time accepting that.I see nothing but a beautiful child a happy one at that! My heart aches for her mother and father. I do believe things aren't always as they seem so I'm very hopeful.The doctors don't seem to very informative and is leaving her parents in a state of confusion asking what now? Which makes it worse... Thank goodness she will always be surrounded with love and attention no matter what.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


The commercialization of Christmas really gets to me sometimes.I know it is nice to get people gifts and it makes me feel good but I don't like the fact that,especially for kids, the implication the retailers give you that you have to spend a lot to get them anything they would remotely like.It's all about "stuff".Acquire more stuff... I like gift cards because if you get one you can use it for something you truly need/want.Same thing for if you give one.But to get people slippers, nightgowns,gloves etc... when you don't know if they need them or want them and are just at a loss as to what they would like seems dumb to me.I know a lot of people don't do gift cards because they want the person to have something to open but why not get a small gift and include the gift card? My nephews are big now but when they were little I bought them video games, toys, board games, radios, walkie talkies etc.. and they acquired so much stuff-so much that they had no idea they had it because it never got used more than a few times..... Maybe nowadays it is different because a lot of the gifts are electronic and they get used more and they cost more? Still, I think rather than guessing sometimes a gift card would be a good idea-what kid doesn't like to shop for themselves ha ha Kids nowadays don't want an Mp3 player they need an Ipod.They don't want a cell phone they want a Juke,Razor or Chocolate Bar cell phone-it's all about brand names marketed to them to sell stuff. So you wonder when you buy something is this really gonna be good enough and live up to their expectations-is it the right brand? I guess this goes through my head periodically when I am shopping for the holidays. I am always trying to stream line the "stuff" I have that I don't use so I guess that is why I have this thing about "stuff"..................

Growing Up

My baby boy understands a lot and it amazes me every day.I have given him a plastic fork a few times and although he is by no means eating with a fork he understands how to hold it and that it is used to scoop food out of a bowl or plate. I guess you have to start somewhere ha ha. If I hand him a fork and then hold up a bowl/plate he dips the fork in it.Not much if any food makes it on the fork but he tries to eat it none the less ha ha Sometimes he turns the fork around preferring to chew on the handle lol He has also become a fan of banging,dropping and throwing his sippy cup as well! He is doing so good eating table food.Last night he has some turkey meat sticks and some baked potato and a few bites of a juicy pear for dessert.The night before last he had some chicken and a sweet potato.It is so cute to watch him chew and a lot of the times he chews while smiling.I swear this kid makes me feel like a million bucks everytime I look at him......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Spirit of the Season

I'm getting into the holiday spirit! We feel so lucky to have our new baby this year to share Christmas with. We are so happy to have him it can't be put into words! We look forward to him enjoying all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the holiday season. We put up the Christmas tree tonight and when we got all done we set him in front of it to take a look. He looked it up and down and then he stared at the bulbs and the tinsel and the lights and then looked at each of us and smiled..................then he made a giant leap for the tree!
Which of course we fully expected-ok we're knew parents we kind of longed to experience him going after it- we admit it ha ha We have cornered the tree with furniture and his play pen so he can look at it but it will be safely out of reach while it's up though.Here is a few pictures we took trying to make this years Christmas Card lol

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a Couple More...

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Not Much Going On

Not too much going on so I thought I'd post a few photos of my baby boy.He's growing up and showing his sweet personality every day so photos of him are some of my favorite things.
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Big Boy

I was gonna post this and forgot.I took Griffin for his flu shot yesterday and the little peanut gained a pound in three weeks! I guess that explains the periodic nights of him waking up lol I have noticed he is eating so much solid food I have had to buy a lot more than usual in the past month. The boy is eating a small fortune my goodness but I see his growth spurt has helped.

Christmas presents

Since Christmas and Griffin's birthday are only a month apart I've been looking at toys.We have a budget of course, a small one.Since he really doesn't know the difference I guess we're lucky this year :) I have been looking at 3 in particular and have read the reviews. The only concern with the table is that it is not very sturdy for a baby that climbs.Though Griffin has just started slowly crusing he isn't at that climbing stage yet but he is trying to literally climb things by pulling on them and has almost lifted himself entirely off the ground hanging on to the outside of his playpen! I guess when he gets to the climbing stage I can just pull off the legs and put it on his Plastic picnic table he has so he can still play with it. Here are the three toys I am almost positive we have decided on.
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I'm so indecisive I could change my mind but I really like these so far!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Laughing is good for the Soul

So yesterday was like any day except Griffin had a Zwieback toast for the first time which he insisted on sharing with me and laughed everytime my face came near it.Needless to say by the end I had some of it on my face and it made him laugh even harder.It's amazing because he was up 4X during the night for some reason and hadn't slept all day but 15 minutes yet he was still happy. I was exhausted, with toast on my face and when I went to wipe it off I looked in the mirror I just had to laugh.Because I know this will be a good story to tell Joe when he got home.We took him to dinner last night and ordered him a baked potato which he loved but he put on quite the funny show for us and everyone else.He raises his arms up when we say "sooo big" then bangs his hands on the table again and again and laughs.He waits for our reaction,laughs, then continues.Everyone had to stop and talk with him and he puts on the big smile and shows them his noise making abilities.We then took him to Walgreens for a few minutes and played all the animated Christmas figures they had in there and he stared,laughed and grabbed at every one of them.I think we had more fun doing it and we were cracking up.Other people cracked up too.It's just so cute that he has no idea about Christmas,Santa and the "Season" yet. Next year I'm sure we'll be hearing "I want that" or grabbing what he wants at Christmas time lol so we are just gonna enjoy this while it lasts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time to make donuts mama

Every morning when I wake to my baby boys smile I ask him is it time to make the donuts? Instead of another day another dollar I tell him another day another smile.Oh how happy it makes me to see that smile.I never thought I could love anything this much! *sigh* Not much to say today because I'm actually going to try to be productive for once.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My little fella

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I look at this picture and I see the most beautiful thing in the world. He just started trying to cruise around and between furniture yesterday trying to build up his confidence.He is changing so rapidly.He is becoming really vocal and expressive with his hands and actions. He is very social and wants us to know how he is feeling and needs to know we enjoy what he's doing wether it is clapping, dancing, making noise. He waits for our reaction when he falls or does something-he's learning every second of the day it seems. I think he is going through yet another growth spurt since he is eating an unbelieveable amount of milk and solid food everyday.Only so much comes out so I have no idea where it all goes lol.

We got him a toy he can walk with when he is able to and after that he can actually ride it like a scooter and I can't get over how much he loves it.We are right there when he is standing with it but I can't get over how brave he is.He has actually taken steps with it but it is still something that needs to be done with supervision because it easily goes forward and yet Griff does not so easily go forward.He just loves the toys on it and loves to stand so I think it was a good investment.It is more age appropriate for him then the rest of his toys,except a Vtech driver things that has a steering wheel etc... on it. Well I'm just gushing about my little fella so I'll sign off until another day.... Here is a picture of this wonderful toy!
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Friday, November 9, 2007


Joe's brother flew in from Long Island on Wednesday and will be staying until Saturday.I love him...but there are some things... He is a very big guy-I'd have to guess 220lbs at least and he is afraid of bugs.Last night at 11:30pm he advised me that there was a bug int the bathroom and showed me with his fingers how big it was.He was showing it was 3 inches long!!! I was like 'are you sure" and started to get nervous.He said "you better go look and take bug spray or a swatter or something".Joe was sleeping.I'm a country girl from upstate NY and even though I'm not use to all the bugs I've encountered in NC (and don't like) generally I can handle them.So I go into the bathroom shaking-his brother is behind me crouched and will not step into the bathroom.Well I found the bug which was approximatelty 1/2 inch long=a potatoe bug and I got it with some tissue and showed it to him.I said "Is this the bug" and he peeked over (since he would not come within 4 ft. of it and said "yes thank god you got it".I told Joe about it this morning and he's like my brother is wierd.He's afraid of a lot of things.When he was here for a visit Memorial day weekend and we were in the yard he had bug spray and was constantly spraying it,some repellant cream he rubbed on his legs,some sunburn spray bottle for his bald head,another bottle of sunscreen for the rest of him,a nasal inhaler he was using- all next to him the whole time.Joe said my brother "can't hang" he is like a paranoid old man.His brother also likes to know what we are doing-he needs a schedule-and it always needs to include shopping and buying something-for himself.That is a whole nother story. This is enough for today lol.Gosh I feel better :)


I was upset with this blog because I lost a huge post!!! I also have to relog in constantly.Maybe they are having issues.I know it is silly to be mad at a blog but geeze...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I just want to add that I made homeade scalloped potatoes for the first time today-I got them prepared and part way cooked so we can have them with dinner tomorrow night.I have the roast with potatoes/carrots cooking in the crockpot and most of the baby stuff stored away.There is so much to do today I can't see me possibly getting it all done.The baby has been giving me such a hard time eating solids but he ate fork mashed potatoes for lunch and I am soooo happy!At least the day has been partially productive.
Today is a better day...except I forgot about daylight savings time and Griffin got up at 5am! BUT-he did sleep through the night for the second day in a row so I am very very happy.He hasn't done that since he was born.Joe is home today it's his day off and he is sleeping.I'll get a nap sometime today.Then I am making a small sirloin tip roast in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots, going grocery shopping and of course the never ending saga of laundry.. Joe only has one day off this week so I'm gonna take advantage of it.Plus his brother flies in on Wednesday so there are things I need to get done.I went through all Griffin's clothes and am storing things such as the bottle warmer, his baby bathtub etc.... On with the day...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Far Away from All we Know

Today isn't a good day for me to start this blog. Why? because I think a blog is suppose to focus on daily life-one day at a time right? And right now I'm looking at life as a whole-the big picture perhaps is how I'd like to put it. At least today I am and the big picture bothers me in a lot of ways today.... So right now there are many things on my many things it isn't worth talking about. One thing that is foremost on my mind is the fact that due to money I will not see my family this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We are in a new state and don't know anyone so the holidays which are so important to me will be spent with just us..which is very sad to me and makes me wonder how long I can do without family and friends nearby.Joe works such long hours everyday and he has been working 6 days a week..on salary of course so we aren't getting extra compensation in money for the extra time.So most days it is me and my little 9 month old man.He doesn't talk yet so the lack of conversation and brain stimulization is making my mind concentrate on everything...and some of those things aren't good and make me want to cry or scream or both.So I will sign off for now..until I have something to focus on that has a point in the end....