Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Usually I find something for us to do but I guess this wekend we have to make up our own fun.#We'll probably end up going to the park (at the end of the day when the equipment isn't hot enough to burn Griffin's hands.I have been procrastinating on all the wonderful organizing I have to do but have moved forward slowly.I really need to get my butt in gear and actually get something accomplished right? It must be a summer thing, or a pregnancy thing or maybe just an excuse thing that I don't have much umph to do anything.The months ahead seem to be a mound of work lol I think I feel blah.My mil will be coming aroudn the first week of August though and we will be driving 4 hours to see Joe's cousins for the weekend in New Bern,NC.It'll be nice but for some reason they "feel funny" about people spending the night.They always say "won't you be more comfortable in a hotel room".I think to myself "uh no I wouldn't feel more comfortable spending $200 to stay in town for 2 days on our very tight budget" and it just boggles my mind that they aren't open enough to say yeah throw a sleeping bag down and sleep wherever.My family on the other hand, would think you were wierd if you wanted to go to a hotel and would insist you stay-even if it was on the floor.I mean what's the big deal? To spend $100 a night on a hotel to see your family is crazy to me.I know some people don't like you sleeping on their couch but if they are willing to sleep on your floor what should you care.I don't get Joe's family sometimes honestly.So they haven't seen us since January.I already told Joe's mom we don't have the money to stay in a hotel and she said she would talk to them because she doesn't either and she thinks it is ridiculous too.She is already spending the money on airfare and we are spending the money on gas to get there.Maybe it is a long Island thing? Whatever so that is about all that is going on....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th weekend

Well we had a nice weekend.We pretty much did nothing on Saturday but my husband really was ancy and wanted "to do something besides sit around" so we took a trip a couple hours away to Boone,NC and rented a hotel room with a heated pool.I use the term "heated" because it didn't feel like it but Griffin loved swimming.We went out to dinner and took him to Tweetsie Railroad for something to do.He was really young for most of it but enjoyed the choo choo rides and the cloggin and dancing year when he is bigger he'll enjoy it much more.His attention span is all about 10 seconds on his best days so considering that and his age he had a good time.I told Joe to enjoy this because in a year or two he'll be begging for icecream,begging to go on all the rides and whatever else lol He was so tired at the end he fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot lol I have been trying to pack up all his clothes that are too small for him and get organized.I bought him a really nice dresser for $10 at a garage sale a few weeks ago and I still have to paint it.We also got 5 small bags of clothes for our little girl due October 25th so I have to sort that to see what we still need.We did get some sleepers and things so at least we have some things for her.I'm not gonna buy any bibs or anything because even though they are blue in color all they do is get messy anyways so.I still have to get a new breast pump, some bottles and I was thinking about a different bath tub than the one we used for Griffin-a bigger one.So there is much to do here.One of the projects I'd like to finish this summer is Griffin's baby book scrap book and our photo albums-which os a huge project in itself so it'll go slow but my goal is to have that done soon.The weather has been beautiful-hot and humid but more of a breeze than I remember there being last summer.I was dreading being pregnant in the summer but so far so good.That could change quick here though.This summer sun is brutal.Well I shall update soon and hope everyone had a great weekend!!