Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

Invariably,everytime I go to Key West to visit family my brother in law (him and my sister live there) always ask me if I wish I could stay.I always answer no. Not because I don't have a wonderful time and don't absolutely love the weather but let's face it if we lived down there both of us would have 1-2 jobs a piece and when your working so much it isn't like you're on the beach or swimming or even enjoying the sunshine lol Many years ago when we first started going out Joe lived in Fort Lauderdale and we contemplated moving there but came to the same conclusion.I do admit however that as I've gotten older, I am no friend of cold weather.Having lived in snow all my life,the move to Northern North Carolina was a nice change.It is always sunny here unlike home in NY, where because of the finger lakes and the location of Rochester we get the "lake effect" snow and inevitably a gray sky 90% of the time.I guess it does snow here where we are in North Carolina but is laughably a "dusting" which isn't snow to me lol It is basically cold cold weather without the fight to drive in sleet and snow so it is a nice balance.

It is definately nice to be back home!I would love to join the Y here to take Griffin swimming all the time but it is $79 a month.I can't get over how expensive it is.Any gym around here is the same amount,I guess we can pay $5.25 everytime we go without being a member but geese.Anyways I did find a church pool we can go to and it would only be $18 a month with an 18 month contract but there isn't very many "open" pool hours.So I am still deciding and searching.It is nice to be back in the swing of things I guess so I will be a blogging.

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Heather said...

Glad you had a good time. I use to chat a bit with a girl from Hawaii on JM. She said it was beautiful to live there but you get so sick of the sunshine all the time. All the seasons and weather are the same.

Ask your local Y about programs for lower income families. You might qualify. I just signed Sam and I up to start this spring!