Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Many Thanks to Huckdoll http://huckdoll.blogspot.com/ for yet another great web site on organizing your day!! Here it is folks- http://www.flylady.net/ have been slowly workin on getting more motivated and actually accomplishing more! Thought the thought of having a garage sale is less than appealing to me I've realized we have more stuff that we could get rid of that is just cluttering up my house. So that will be event I will have to plan on when the weather warms up. Plus I'm trying to make room for another addition to our family and all the "stuff" that will be out of our basement and back in the house for the new little one.
Easter was very nice! We just had a laid back day and gave Griffin his little basket and played outside while the weather was so nice.We had a nice dinner of Grilled chicken, baked potato,corn and applesauce. It was nothing special but grilling outside made it seem so. It is still a bit chilly here yet some days it warms up so much it almost seems like winter is over. I can't wait! Then again last summer was sooo hot I couldn't breathe and the thought of being pregnant in that heat makes me content to keep the weather like it is now.I already warned my husband that we have to buy another air conditioner.It's funny, here they will actually announce on local stations not to spend more than a few minutes outside..... So I better be careful what I wish for!


Karen said...

It sounds like you've been busy organizing. Maybe you'll inspire me to get rid of all my clutter.

Sounds like you had a nice Easter too!

Personally, I'd much rather have it a little chilly than too hot.

Jerinda said...

I love Fly Lady. I have used that site off and on for years. I never can keep up though. LOL

Kitty said...

I know Fly Lady is something!

Huckdoll said...

You know, I've never actually read Fly Lady in depth and I did for the first time when I wrote you that comment. She is fabulous. I love the daily steps...like the first one, making sure your sink is clean before you go to sleep. How easy is that? Getting dressed first thing in the morning..awesome..I can DO that :) I'm hoping the hardcore cleaning comes in there somewhere.