Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm still here

I have been not in the talking mood for a few weeks.I am still reading other blogs but have just been doing a lot of thinking and such and I tend to not have a lot to say or more accurately I don't want to say any thing if that makes sence lol I have had Joe's father come visit for a few days and then his mother come visit for a few days (they are divorced).It was very nice to have them visit from NY as we miss them so much down here in NC.It was very nice to show off our son Griffin who of course put on a "show" the whole time-dancing like a wild little monkey.He swings the head back and forth,swings the arms,spins in circles,falls a million times,gets himself back up laughing the whole time and repeats the whole process.I admit I get so much enjoyment seeing him so happy and animated and just being a kid.He is also very affectionate and I have to feel I am his biggest influence since I kiss and hugs him so many times a day he gets sick of it lol He hugged his grandparents without encouraging him to do so-he just did it because he wants to and it was great to see.He just turned 15 months old so it's nice to see his pleasant personality and how he relates to others so openly.I am hoping to ride up to NY around May 22nd with my parents to visit with family in NY for a few weeks.My parents are Florida snowbirds who spend their summers back home in NY so they said they would "stop and pick us up" on the way so we are excited about that.For the first time since Griffin has been born I have been bad about taking pictures.Tomorrow I am going to make sure that ends since I wanted to take a picture so badly tonight and alas was not prepared.There is the best and cutest little carnival in town referred to as the follies for the weekend.It was so nice to hear some good music and show Griffin the carousel-which I hope to take him on tomorrow.The lines were atrocious tonight.I will update soon and I apologize for the hiatus! My little baby to be is now 13 weeks along and because I am *whispering* advanced maternal age as they referred to me as(while I was laughing hysterically inside) I was able to have an ultrasound last week and it was more than amazing.I was completley in love and felt reassured I could see the heart beat etc... (more on that later).The midwife who saw me after the ultrasound actually laughed with me about the whole advanced maternal age thing as well and she was so great and made me feel great.I will have to come back to talk more about the ultrasound this weekend.Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Kitty, it's so great to hear an update from you. I miss your shining face popping up on my blog.

It's so great that Griffin has inherited your affectionate side. I can't wait to see some pictures. The carnival sounds like so much fun.

Amy said...

I miss you too! Glad to read an update on you and the family!