Friday, December 7, 2007

It's been so long

Since I had a nap during the day when I'm usually home with Griffin alone.Even if he does fall asleep usually I can't or he wakes up before I get a chance to slip into la la land.Today as soon as he fell asleep for his nap at 430pm I laid on the couch with a pillow on my head.As any other time I tried this-I highly doubted I would succeed! For some reason I keep trying? ha ha Anyone who knows me well knows I loooove sleep.Well even though I love it and always have, my body changed it's mind about sleep when I was ending my 4th month of pregnancy! I layed awake so much at night it was hardly worth going to bed the rest of my pregnancy ha ha Then I dragged allll day.The day I came home from the hospital with my beautiful newborn son I looked forward to some sleep.After about 8 hours it was starting to get dark and since I was breastfeeding and seeing how often my little fella was hungry I slowly started thinking maybe this sleep thing wasn't going to work out like I had been thinking all day.And so began my HUGE lesson in the lack of sleep and the need to be a caring, patient and doting parent regardless if you've slept 1 hour out of 24.Some days I think I was delirious.I went in the shower with my glasses on.Wore my shorts inside out all day and to a store.You name it I did it.But it is true what they say it really is all worth it! I may have felt exhausted and looked like a deranged monkey but.....everything hard in life is worth more!

So anyways back to my original story of my attempt to take a nap today.I actually fell asleep for an hour until I heard Griffin.I was in such a deep sleep (it had become dark outside) I wondered why he was not in his jammies.I thought to myself how could I leave my baby all night in bib overalls and I went to check on Joe in our bedroom because I wondered why he hadn't woke me up to take care of Griffin-that is when I realized it wasn't early morning it was nighttime, 5:30pm to be exact! It was such a nice sound sleep and I don't remember anything except putting that pillow on my head.Such a nice memory................................

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