Monday, December 10, 2007

Almost done..

I say that loosely to encourage myself...and I am referring to Christmas shopping.As I said before I am a terrible decision maker otherwise I would be done by now.But I am proud of myself nonetheless.I have even wrapped most gifts and mailed some gifts and only have two more packages to mail.I am waiting on an Olive Garden gift card I ordered November 27th.The stupid 800# never ever answers and claims you are on hold for the next available person which is bull because I set my phone on speaker for 45 minutes twice and noone answered then the calls disconnected.I have emailed and left 3 messages with no return calls! If I had the card I could mail one of my packages so I find this inexcusable and filled out some dumb corporate form today to complain that I am unable to communicate with them regarding the status of the card.Can you tell I'm pissed? Well I am.It made me mad today too that I went in Target and saw that you could buy Olive Garden gift cards in a set amount.Even though mine was for more than they offered It is not worth this hassle.I know I'm obsessed.I would laugh but I'm still mad
:( poor Griffin is sleeping.He didn't get his nap until late because we had to return a gift grandma got him and go to another store to et him a new toy.He was so good for me-smiling and laughing for peoplebut he was one tired little fella rubbin' his red eyes.He fell asleep in minutes.It's almost dinner time.I better get going.


Jerinda said...

I have no good comment, except that you rock and I love Griffin!

Mary Shelsby said...


Thanks for posting. We were talking about getting an Olive Garden gift card for my niece but changed our mind because of you!

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the shitty card thing, I hope you get the card soon or that they at least do something for the trouble they're giving you!