Thursday, December 20, 2007

Joe's Aunt

Something she did really made me depressed.I am not looking forward to spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with her and I am trying not to be like that and jsut ignore it so I enjoy the holidays but it is hard.I had suggested a gift one of her grandsons might like (cause she said she had no clue what to get them) and in turn she called their mother and said "I expected her to spend far more money on them than she planned".That wasn't it at all.I didn't intend for her to take it like that it was only a suggestion.They are rich and will never spend all their money in their lifetime and they only have their 2 grandsons to buy for and noone else.I didn't think a $100 guitar was out of the question and she said she didn't know what to get them.Apparently she said she only expected to spend $50 at the most in total on the two kids less if she could.She is getting them a Rubiks cube "to share" is one gift she told Joe's mom about.Whatever.Her and her husband are very very cheap and much of their life revolves around money,how to not spend it and how to amass more.It depressed me the whole thing-the fact that she called their mother and was offended and the fact that they are so concerned with "their money".It just gets me down and makes me not want to spend the holidays with them.It is supposed to be a happy time,a time when you get excited to see the kids open up their gifts.

I guess you'd have to meet them they are the wierdest people I ever met and extremly cheap and everything is about money to them.I'm depressed even typing this out...


Heather said...

Kitty, I had alot of trouble reading your posts with that background. Does funny tricks on my eyes. Anyway, sounds like this woman is a real piece of work. Very stingy too.
Don't take it personal. They say the poor are the most generous with their money.

Minilegs said...

I know plenty of people that are "miserly". Don't let it get you down. You can't change people and you know what's in your own heart. Enjoy the time for what it's worth! Hugs

Kitty said...

I know Joe's mom told me today that her sister is and always has been a stingy person who gets no joy out of giving gifts and I quote "to her it's all about keeping her money for herself not spending it on anyone else it puts her in panic mode".Heather I know it is hard to read I highlight it to read it but I didn't like the other backgrounds lol

Jerinda said...

I'm with Heather, your background kills my eyes.

I hate people like that. All the money in the world and stingy as hell.

Secret Agent Mama said...

Yeah, 'cuz she's gonna take all that money to the next life (or whatever). People like that are usually unhappy, too.

I'm sorry you got sad over it, Kitty.

BTW: I'm with the girls. I had to highlight the text to read it.

Mary Shelsby said...

Yea, Kitty.

I'm glad you changed your background. It was way too hard to read.

Regarding the stingy aunt, I hope you keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas is not about present, cheap or expensive. It's about spending quality time with those you love.

Happy new year.