Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're Electronically challenged

So we've come to accept that this year Joe and I are electronically challenged.Two Tv's have gone caput on us.Then the computer (a new motherboard fixed that) and our awesome Toaster went a month ago and now as of last week our fancy DVD player went.I bought Joe that DVD player 4 years ago and it had all the bells and whistles but now it is dead.Sooo we are left playing DVD's in Joe's old Playstation.Hey at least we have something but what more can happen this year.Our garage looks like a storage place for old electronics.I have to pay to have most of them disposed of and can never seem to justify spending the money so there they sit.

I lost a day this week.I thought Tuesday was Wednesday and Wednesday was Thursday and it didn't hit me until 8pm on Wednesday night.I've been baking.My circus waffle idea didn't work all it did was make a huge mess but overall everything else went well with baking.I still have fudge and 7 layer bars to make but those are easy.I may make another type of cookie since I have an extra day this week (since I lost one lol).

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