Monday, February 11, 2008

Doing Our Part

Please click on the picture above for the original post that created the idea of Project Support Beauty in Nature.Lotus aka Hilariously Sarcastic Mom ( came up with a wonderful idea to preserve out Earth and I'd like to do my part!

When we lived in NY we paid about $60 a month for the privilege of having our trash hauled away and were provided a small recycle bin.Many times I used a cardboard box to fit the rest of the recyclables we had to contribute.Since moving to North Carolina it is much different! We don't pay to ave our trash taken away -it is free - AND - we are given a huge recycle bin and they except everything.That being said, I am a huge fan of recycling and buy products that can be recycled-it is always in the back of my mind when I am grocery shopping.I use a box in the house for convenience to put my everyday recycables in after I wash them (Thank you US Postal Service!)


Then I empty that into the large bin every few days

You can learn a lot about people from looking at their consumables.You can tell for example,that we drink beer, we buy the newspaper once a week, we buy Egglands best eggs, we use palmolive dishwashing soap,we buy huge jars of peanut butter,we're huge 2% milk drinkers,that we had a party (hence the leftover soda containers),that our baby boy looooves Yobaby yogurt and we buy Cheerios.I'm sure there is much more at the bottom.... we don't buy frozen dinners or boxed dinners-and try to be concious of what we eat-but we're human :) afterall. It really can tell a story in itself.

We also recycle cardboard of course

Then once a week it is on the curb for pickup!


We also recycled two Tv's through a program the Town ran a couple weeks ago to cleanly dispose of electronics. I hope this inpires others!


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Your post gives me continued inspiration!

You're doing a great job. I think one of my favorite things about doing this stuff lately has been the thought that I'm teaching my own son to be this way, too.

Thanks so much for supporting the project! :-)

Mishelle said...

Great job, Kitty! You are inspiring, for sure!

Kitty said...

Thanks.I am so used to doing it-it is natural for me now.To see someone throw away a can or something kinds makes me cringe a wasteful

Minilegs said...

when I was in Oregon everyone recycled(big granola state, yadda yadda) I live in apartment complex and they don't provide recycle bins. it's irritating

Mary Shelsby said...

Great post, Kitty. When you get as old as I am and see how much we've changed the Earth with our wasteful, disposal ways, you get scared. When I was a kid, we'd prefer to swim in rivers because pools had yucky chemicals....Now it is lakes and rivers with all the yucky stuff! Keep up the good work!