Monday, February 4, 2008

NC is Wierd

Everytime Joe and I encounter something we don't understand here in NC,us being from western NY, we always say outloud "we have to remember where we are". We often wonder why servers take soooooo long here.We get fearful when they bring us the check because we usually don't see them again for at least 20 minutes! We are always ready with our card to give them when they hand us the check and still 20 minutes*shrugs* It's just that when you have a baby-20 minutes is a very long time... In NY they "turn and burn" ya-they get ya in and they get ya out.
So my new question is why do I have to take a written test to get a NC driver license? I have been driving since I was 16 and so that's 20 years of driving and now I have to take a test? Joe has to schedule some time off to watch Griffin while I take this "test" and wait in line who knows how long with all this documentation and surrender my NY license and pay a tax % on the 'estimated value" of my piece of junk that is 10 years old.It's like one of those things that seems so ridiculous and makes no sence but you have no other choice...
...........I must admit there are things I have grown to love here and are lives are a bit slower paced than in NY, which is nice to a point-but fo the life of me some things I don't think I'll ever understand lol

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Jerinda said...

That is odd that you have to take a test again. Everywhere is different I guess.