Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh my little Blog

Today was just a cold day outside so Griffin and I stayed in and played,did some reading,I did laundry,dishes and all the usual stuff.I was even able to wipe down the livingroom baseboards and the window sills in between spurts of chasing after my little Griffin burrito.

Anyways,we discovered last night that Griffin loooooves spaghetti.I had given him other types of pasta before like ancini de pipis and ditalini but finally gave him some spaghetti and a little of the sauce & meatballs I made.Well let's just say Joe and I laughed for a half hour as he double fisted it! He quickly learn to slurp in the pieces that freely dangled from his mouth with a loud thuuu sound! At one point he had spaghetti in each hand swinging it like he had lassos in each hand so he definatley was having a good time.The best part was when he finally rubbed it all over his face and in his hair! Of course Joe and I got out the cell phone cameras,then our regular digital camera and then the camcorder-it was like our big entertainment for the week ha ha Of course he got a good bath afterwards of course. We are just ga ga over this baby! I looked at him today and I just want to pinch myself because he's just the best and makes life so fun!



Shovin' it in anyway he can! lol



Amy said...

Cute little spaghetti face!

Jerinda said...

That is just too cute!!