Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh boy

Thanks for letting me whine whine continued to my sister on the phone who made me feel better with "tell Joe to get his butt home at a decent time then" and all the sympathy a sister could give.Unfortunately, 10 minutes later it hit her that, when she had young children her husband worked all the time and she didn't like it but she always got a break from my mom or me because she lived down the road from us blah blah -then I remembered!!! I remembered she used to say to me that she was fed up with my brother in laws work hours and she wanted him to sell his business and do something else and blah blah. Now I remember she actually bitched about it a lot.So okay I'm not agreeing not to bitch about it but I am agreeing to whine a little quieter unless I have some sort of solution in the works lol

My little man is now trying to figure out how to dance with things in his hands and be steadier on his feet. He is running with things in his hands now especially if it is something I tell him not to touch. He grabs it as fast as possible and takes off laughing and getting excited when I "chase" him. Needless to say the garbage can has been moved to the top of the kitchen counter right now since he had some obsession with a plastic bag that had frozen broccoli in it from last nights dinner. Yep that's right my son is a dumpster diver!!! Oh how the pride beams from my face~ He is very aware of what the word no means but seems to enjoy the reaction he gets when he causes this word to be spoken from my lips.He likes to laugh and tease and be chased and if he is removed from the object he so desires out comes the pointing finger, the fists of rage and he oes into his regular tongue lashing of me. Difference is now I have learned not to laugh lol

When Mommie would not give him the camera

When he decided that's it I'm going after it!!!


Karen said...

Those pictures are priceless!!!

Do you have a wooden stepstool that you can put your kitchen trash on, so that the opening is out of his reach?

I remember when I was pregnant with the twins and my husband worked a part time job on top of his regular job. It was really rough taking care of Jake all the time without any relief. I felt bad for complaining too.

Kitty said...

I don't have a wooden step stool unfortunately. I don't think it is so much minding taking care of Griffin than minding that Joe is never home.Even when he's home I just tend to do what i always do but it's nice to have a conversation with an adult ya know..

Minilegs said...

tantrum pics are the best! haha. I love little Griffin he is so expressive!

Huckdoll said...

Yikes! Tanturm. I can't help but chuckle though, that face is hilarious!