Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday!!!! Unfortunately it just started pouring out :( I plan on going to Lowe's Home Improvement (one of my favs!) and stuff and just walking out in the rain seems so unappealing to me.We are still in the process of getting the message out about our new baby on the way to all our family who is spread everywhere.Joe's family is small so it's pretty easy.My family is big and everywhere so "getting the word out" is more challenging.But regardless,back to my whining about the rain.The other night I'm pretty sure we were on the edge of a tornado but other than that this week has been sunny almost like spring was here.Then I saw the ants, yes the ants, in my recycle bin and new winter must be coming to a close.Last year we learned that having ants was no big deal and was a normal thing in North Carolina.Well in NY it isn't so I enlisted some ant oil poison and made it my mission to eradicate our house of this little critter. Lowe's has the poison as well so all the more reason to go. Griffin loves Lowes because of his obsession with ceiling fans lol and I could spend all day in that store.It just makes me dream ya know.....I certiantly hope ot be a more active blogger next week and I have some pictures to share as well!! Have a good weekend everyone!


Kittilicious said...


I just want to repeat that... for the sake of repeating it!!

Huckdoll said...

Ant are just plain wrong. In the summer we have some ants outside and occasionally, one comes inside, but luckily no colonies following the crumb trail into my house yet. Good for you for getting rid of them and not learning to live with them. Ew!

Have a fabulous weekend and congrats again on the new little one! I'm really looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy here on your blog.

PS. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Amy said...

Yayyyy for the pregnant momma who got rid of the ants! lol I'm excited for you still Kitty!

Karen said...

It poured all day here on Friday too. I hope you had fun at Lowes!