Thursday, June 26, 2008


Is gonan be a slow day.I just feel it-the heat is already blazing.I haven't slept very well at night and Griffin has shocked me by twice-yes twice sleeping in until 830am.It's like I went to heaven or something.Usually I'm up at 7am wether he's awake or not but restless nights must be catching up to me.I'm sure this won't turn into a regular sleeping habit for him but once in awhile it is a nice treat.We haven't done much this week excpet make homeade pizza,go to the library,swim in his pool everyday (for a max of 5 minutes before he starts jumping out lol),stuff like that.I really want to go to the store today and try to find him some poster sized paper so he can color.Maybe if I can find some washable markers I'l consider it but for now he has crayons.His attention span is so short it's funny.He's onto something different a minute after he is totally into something else.So keeping his preoccupied is a challenge.The poor baby has been living on tons of grapes,raisins and watermelon all week but he loves it and it is good for him so there is no harm.I think I've cause dan addiction to watermelon though lol I got corn on the cob to have for Saturday and since Griffin loves corn I can't wait to see what he does with it on the cob.It is so funny and entertaining to watch him eat sometimes and Joe and I have been shooting some of it with the video camera.We have him eating spaghtti,pizza,watermelon,raisins,cereal. I guess we're easily amused lol He is quite the monkey and has to be watched every minute because he tends to stand up and jump off any of the furniture he climbs.We have to remind him to sit and he is getting better (I think lol) so I hope this is just a daredevil phase? I don't think he understands about the baby but he rubs my tummy and kisses it when I tell him there is a baby inside.I tell him nice and show him how to rub it so I think he is just mimicking me-but it is so cute anyways lol We were supposed to go to an outside pool playdate tomorrow but boo I have a doctors appt Oh well.I will update soon!


Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

YAY for sleeping in a little bit!

It sounds like you are having a great summer. I hope the heat isn't too hard on you.

Let us know how your doctor appointment goes!

Minilegs said...

funny about him eating and being busy..comes with the age. Kaia just ate corn on the cob this weekend and it was pretty cute looking at a tiny girl with a huge cob munching away.