Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas presents

Since Christmas and Griffin's birthday are only a month apart I've been looking at toys.We have a budget of course, a small one.Since he really doesn't know the difference I guess we're lucky this year :) I have been looking at 3 in particular and have read the reviews. The only concern with the table is that it is not very sturdy for a baby that climbs.Though Griffin has just started slowly crusing he isn't at that climbing stage yet but he is trying to literally climb things by pulling on them and has almost lifted himself entirely off the ground hanging on to the outside of his playpen! I guess when he gets to the climbing stage I can just pull off the legs and put it on his Plastic picnic table he has so he can still play with it. Here are the three toys I am almost positive we have decided on.
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I'm so indecisive I could change my mind but I really like these so far!


Heather said...

I love all three!
Sam has the ball popper and is getting the table for Christmas. I love the beads, might have to ask one of his grammies to get one for Sam.
Griffin will love all those!

Jerinda said...

Quinn has the ball popper and things similar to the other 2 and loves them. The good thing about the bead thing is that it's something he'll like for years to come. The ball popper too. Avery still loves those toys. :)

Melissa said...

Those all seem like very good toys for Griffin! Hopefully you decide on what to get him soon!

Kitty said...

I did get him everything excpet the beads.He loves those beads so much.