Sunday, November 11, 2007

My little fella

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I look at this picture and I see the most beautiful thing in the world. He just started trying to cruise around and between furniture yesterday trying to build up his confidence.He is changing so rapidly.He is becoming really vocal and expressive with his hands and actions. He is very social and wants us to know how he is feeling and needs to know we enjoy what he's doing wether it is clapping, dancing, making noise. He waits for our reaction when he falls or does something-he's learning every second of the day it seems. I think he is going through yet another growth spurt since he is eating an unbelieveable amount of milk and solid food everyday.Only so much comes out so I have no idea where it all goes lol.

We got him a toy he can walk with when he is able to and after that he can actually ride it like a scooter and I can't get over how much he loves it.We are right there when he is standing with it but I can't get over how brave he is.He has actually taken steps with it but it is still something that needs to be done with supervision because it easily goes forward and yet Griff does not so easily go forward.He just loves the toys on it and loves to stand so I think it was a good investment.It is more age appropriate for him then the rest of his toys,except a Vtech driver things that has a steering wheel etc... on it. Well I'm just gushing about my little fella so I'll sign off until another day.... Here is a picture of this wonderful toy!
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Amy said...

He's going to be walking in no time Kitty! Love the picture of him, he is such a handsome guy!

Heather said...

Best pic of Griffin ever!
He is going to be walking any day now, what a smart guy!

Jerinda said...

He is so adorable. He always looks so happy, just shows that he has a great life and a great mama!