Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Laughing is good for the Soul

So yesterday was like any day except Griffin had a Zwieback toast for the first time which he insisted on sharing with me and laughed everytime my face came near it.Needless to say by the end I had some of it on my face and it made him laugh even harder.It's amazing because he was up 4X during the night for some reason and hadn't slept all day but 15 minutes yet he was still happy. I was exhausted, with toast on my face and when I went to wipe it off I looked in the mirror I just had to laugh.Because I know this will be a good story to tell Joe when he got home.We took him to dinner last night and ordered him a baked potato which he loved but he put on quite the funny show for us and everyone else.He raises his arms up when we say "sooo big" then bangs his hands on the table again and again and laughs.He waits for our reaction,laughs, then continues.Everyone had to stop and talk with him and he puts on the big smile and shows them his noise making abilities.We then took him to Walgreens for a few minutes and played all the animated Christmas figures they had in there and he stared,laughed and grabbed at every one of them.I think we had more fun doing it and we were cracking up.Other people cracked up too.It's just so cute that he has no idea about Christmas,Santa and the "Season" yet. Next year I'm sure we'll be hearing "I want that" or grabbing what he wants at Christmas time lol so we are just gonna enjoy this while it lasts.


Jerinda said...

He is so cute! I wish I could see him in real life.

Heather said...

I love watching the little ones stare at all the lights and toys during the holidays.
Just wait a few more years when Griffin is giving you a mile long list of what he wants Santa to bring him!

Melissa said...

Awwwww how cute! I can just imagine the whole animated Christmas figurines scene! And that whole "so big" thing reminds me of myself when I was little since my parents did the same thing, I'm told at least. :P