Saturday, December 15, 2007

Done with the stress Ready for Fun!

Ok so technically I'm done Christmas shopping Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to get a few more stocking stuffers for Joe and Griffin! I think I was done Thursday but that was only because I had to wait on that Olive Garden gift card to mail the last of the packages.I could of bought the prepaid Visa I bought Joe's nephew before that but I figured I'd do it on the same trip as when I went to the post office. I have never been done so early.I am just overwhelmed with pride because of it.I think I'll defiantely be more organized next year and get some done during the year because feeling this way is great.No stress just enjoying the season! I have a lot of holiday baking to do and this is something I really enjoy.Normally I do a lot of it.I will be doing a lot for Joe's employees, our great neighbors and Joe's family for Christmas.I went and got even more baking stuff tonight.I'm not gonna even state how much I've spent on baking supplies because the guilt will set in.But there are certain supplies I replace every year regardless because they aren't used much like cocoa powder,baking soda,baking powder,crisco.Of course I always have to buy confectionary sugar,coconut etc...
I am very upset this year because I am unable to find where my circues waffle maker was put during our move(handed down to me from my grandma).I know it is somewhere but I can't find it so I have to improvise with old fashioned steel cookie cutters that have handles on them and a handle made out of a coat hanger ha ha The handle is so I don't burn myself frying them in the oil.Then I coat them in confectionary sugar when they come out just like a funnel cake basically like you get at the fair.I was gonna scrap my idea and just make fried dough but I really want to make the circus waffles.I am gonna make fudge,christmas sugar cookies,7 layer bars,peanut butter cookies,a new one this year whoopie pies,I may make brownies or brownie cookies haven't decided which but they will be topped with chocolate frosting and crushed up peppermint candy canes.I will also make Italian chocolate meatball cookies which are awesome.Now I'm hungry oh boy,I have a sweet tooth-always have always will.

Anyways Griffin and I did some dancing today to Christmas music and we did some waltzing.Joe got laughing so hard because Griffin was in my arms and continued to sway back and forth when I stopped moving.He also kept moving his hand up and down as if I was still waltzing with him! He loves to dance like his mama!He definately wants to get after the presents and the tree now.He is done being curious and now really just wants to tear it all apart lol.He especially loves bows and the christmas ornaments, so we had to block off the tree a bit more.

In the last three weeks he has really found his voice and wants you to know how loud he can get.He does this ear peircing scream or sreech whatever it is and is So loud you have to cover your ears eeeeeegads.He is also having these constant conversations with himself and everyone else.He's been doing that for awhile, having the conversations, but now it is a constant and he looks at you as if you understand and tips his head-he just cracks me up it's so cute.He walks around the house with his highchair and if he gets stuck on something and it won't move he grunts and pushes and I am always laughing or running for a camera.He's a one man circus show all the time ha ha I tell you
I love that boy with all my heart and I could never imagine a day without him in my life.We feel very lucky to have him and he is our miracle and will forever be-our little Griffin Lee!


Jerinda said...

Wow, that was a mouthful, huh? LOL I'm glad you are done with shopping. Feels good, doesn't it?

Melissa said...

You have such a sweet little boy, you are very very fortunate. :) And send over some of those Christmas treats, they sound sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!