Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting Back Into the Swing

So I'm trying to change my house around a bit and baby proof more and get back into the swing of normal life.It is going well,albit slow,but well enough ha ha I ut up some curtains and still have to get some for the bedroom.After all the moving and changes I guess it's high time to settle down in this house.It has been so sunny outside which has been wonderful.It's been a bit chilly but it is winter after all but having the sun is so nice.In Rochester gray skies were normal and to have the sunshine makes such a difference! I would love to walk more with Griffin but loose dogs worry me.WE go to the library on Tuesday mornings at 10:15am for Song and story time and Griffin has been loving it-seeing the other kids and clapping to songs has been great.We even colored with crayons last week.I try to get him out to see and experience this world of ours at least every other day if not every day.

Well my little man is changing very fast.He has taken a few steps (usually when he doesn't realize it.He is constantly dancing and rocking his head back and forth and I seem to always have nursery songs playing on the CD player so he is using his hands to imitate me when I do the itsy bitsy spider etc... He gets very excited when certain songs come on and when he's eating, if I don't have the CD player on he will rock his head back and forth and look at the radio so I turn it on.The amount of toys he has acquired from Christmas and his birthday is unbelievable.They have completely filled up our living room.And there is more on the way from family.I will have to upload a picture I took a couple days ago to show it for the full effect ha ha He understands so much more now so I am busy teaching him so many things. think about all the things he will learn this year and there is so much!

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Jerinda said...

Aww, Griffin is such a cutie!