Friday, February 1, 2008

Passive Aggressive PD-Thought for the Day

My thought for the day....I have dealt with people many times in life with this disorder.There are many articles on the subject but I chose this one because it is written in an easy to read format and is pretty all inclusive.It is very hard to deal with anyone with this disorder....they can drive you insane because you can never win...........though most of the time these people have no idea they are actually like this...they perceive themselves as something much different.Although in this article it is giving an example of a husband and can get the understanding.
The whole article..

One piece of this article that stands out is:
Often passive-aggressives can appear pleasant and congenial, but time eventually proves such qualities are a part of a disguise. Beneath the surface are traits that could be changed but are not.Most prominent are: a “quiet” anger, irrational fear and a need for control. Let’s look at each separately. A quiet commitment to anger: Some people falsely assume that anger is only manifested in loud raucous behavior. If you don’t shout or curse or throw things, you probably don’t have anger issues, Right? Anger, is not that one-dimensional. Passive-aggressives experience anger as a means of self-preservation. Instead, they choose to register their anger via non-compliance, hidden rebellion, withdrawal and seeming to act oblivious to everything. This behavior quietly shouts: “You bug me and I’m going to punish you for thinking counter to me.”

Here is another article on the subject that I liked!


Jerinda said...

What a great blog entry Kitty. Maybe someone that needs to see this will and realize their issues.

Amy said...

Great articles Kitty, I'd like to forward those links to several people I know. ;)