Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Food games

So why did Grififn recently come to the conclusion that food is a fun thing to play with? I have no idea whatsoever!!! Apparently rubbing your hands in food and watching it drop to the ground is great entertainment. Watching mommy or daddy pick it up seems to be even more exciting. Sooooooooo I'm trying reverse psychology like ignoring it and waiting until he's away fromt he table to actually bend down and pick it up. Knowing my luck, I should be doing something else as a detterant but hey there are no ideas in the parenting book that Griffin had in his hands when he came out of my womb so I'm going with an idea ha ha I was ok with him squeezing food between his fingers or making a mess trying to eat but now the food is ending up away from his mouth in places food isn't meant to be ha ha So I shall keep everyone posted and hopefull if I am doing something wrong someone tells me PLEASE!

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Veronica said...

Amy went through a similar stage. I limited 'food play' to just before a bath so I didn't have too much mess to clean up.

I think it's just kids learning about the food anyway they know how. I always figured if it was going in her hair/feet/hands then she probably wasn't *that* hungry.