Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Monday

Not much going on today except for the usual cleaning and stuff around the house-so basically a totally boring Monday. Nothing out of the norm here for a Monday :) We actually went to a baby shower yesterday for a girl Joe works with at a restaurant lastnight. It was just for coworkers and wasn't a huge party or anything but it was nice just the same and we are so happy for her. I guess she had some difficulty conceiving which makes it that much sweeter. Griffin demonstrated his eating skills and entertained everyone-rubbing sweet potatoes in his hair,laughing, throwing food oh boy! Needless to say he needs a bath today since we got home so late!
He's been walking more and more but I think the couple of bad falls he's had has made him more concious to hold onto things and he is just more cautious now.But when he lets go he does great! All things in good time I guess :) Not so much to say today ...... tomorrow is another day!

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