Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Day

So not much to report except I had my first doctors appt. It was pretty much a Q&A session on my medical history and some other paperwork.They used the little wheel thing to estimate my Due date as November 2nd-which is a great time since noone in our families has a November birthdate.I go back on April 22nd for the full exam, bloodwork,weigth check-the whole shabam. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat and I wish I would of been able to hear it yesterday to calm my worries a little but what ya gonna do? I haven't had the extended knock me off my feet nausea I had with Griffin I'm just really tired. But alas, now that I have a one year old I'm used to performing on little sleep!!! The one thing that is bad-and this happened since 3 days after I found out I was pregnant is insomnia.I can usually hit the hay like a ton of bricks no problem which I do.But then, a couple hours later, my eyes pop open like someone called my name "wake up there is a lot of action going on". Of course there is nothing but Griffin in his room snoring, darkness and my husbands breathing.I swear I lay there for hours.I try different positions,I try to tell myself over and over just freakin' sleep but no. I am wide awake.This started at 4 months with Griffin and he's pretty active I'm wondering do I have a wild child in my belly? Oh I can't wait to find out. I have to wait until 18 weeks to have an ultrasound unless there is a medical reason to have one sooner and boy I can't wait for that.Except I hate the thought of drinking all that water,filling up your bladder to capacity, arriving at the office to find "they're running behind" and trying to act like a normal person when all you want to do is pee your pants! Man I hope we can videotape it like we did with Griffin.That is something to see and I think,I may be wrong but he was only 7 or 8 inches long at the time.They blow of the screen and make them look so big you forget how tiny they are.My little peanut is the size of a grape right now.Can you believe that -a human being the size of a grape-what a miracle it is to me!


Karen said...

Drinking water for an ultrasound is just torture. I didn't have to do it at all with the twins thank goodness.

I'm sorry you can't sleep through the night. Does it help to read or watch television for a while? How about word puzzles?

Amy said...

Sorry you are having trouble sleeping Kitty. On top of being pregnant you are also sleep deprived, plus you have a 1 year old! Hope you find time to rest during the day.

And the full bladder is so uncomfortable, I can sympathize.

Minilegs said...

congrats again..and you have a scorpio baby in there, it's gonna be wild! haha I always thought it sucked that the time when you really need rest, you can't get it. Pregnancy is hard, period! I'm surprised they wouldn't do an initial ultrasound to see how everything is, or did I miss that? I can't wait to see what you're having. I'll think girl thoughts with this one ;)