Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I haven't been good at updating since I have had so much swirling in my mind which makes it so hard for me to write. Today I am doing my SMW blog assignment "Springtime" and updating on my last post. I had a really good time going out with three girls last Friday.One only stayed for dinner but the rest of them (us three) went bowling and then went to Denny's afterwards for a long time.I hadn't stayed out that late in so long I couldn't remember and we all hit it off.They were very down to earth and we all had a lot in common and we're all about the same age (ok I was the oldest but what's two years lol) I am glad I went and I may meet one of them at a Pot Luck dinner the mommies group has planned at a park this weekend.They have face painting and games and balloons for the kids so why not.It's only for a couple hours so I think it'll be great.

Now about my blog assignment Springtime.A time when the cold goes away and the warm weather starts. It has a lot of meaning to me. First off, it is the time of year when my parents return from Florida to NY and stop by here in NC for a visit so I always look forward to that! Last year I drove to NY with them. Me and Griffin hitched a ride. I'm thinking we may do the same this year. We'll see how the whole being stuck in a carseat for hours thing goes. When he was little it was no big deal but it is sure to be different now. I mean we're in a motorhome so he can get out sometimes but I don't like it.My parents stop every few hours but to a toddler that can seem like days.We'll probably do it anyways though for the free ride lol

Now as for the other benefits of Springtime it is the start of a fresh new wonderful season of weather when the temperature is just right-not too cold and not too hot! Summer here is scorching so Springtime is perfect.We have hundreds of birds surrounding our house and they have already started their morning serenade here It is LOUD but I love it because I just love birds.I don't like the one that wakes at 6am though I have to admit.... But in all it is just a reminder of a happy, warm time just around the bend!!!!


Minilegs said...

hope springtime is lovely for you!

Karen said...

That's so great that you hit it off with the other mommies. I hope that will help you feel less alone.

I like spring when the weather is not too hot nor too cold also. Unfortunately that part only lasts for a couple of weeks here though.

Kitty said...

Yeah it is sooo hot int he summer I can't imagine being pregnant in it.

Kittilicious said...

Springtime=warm. That seems to be the favorite!