Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Friday Folks

The day where all the stuff I've procrastinated about (like going to the post office) comes to an end and I just gotta do it.It's been cold and rainy here and I've had that chill in my bones so I haven't felt much like going places.I just have to get a couple things to make broccoli cheese quiche for tomorrow and so I may do a little browsing at Walsmart as well.Tomorrow we're going to an event for a couple hours held by a local moms group here and they are gonna have balloons for the kids and such so I said why not since my schedule isn't packed.Not much else going on so this is yet another boring post but if something more interesting comes up I'm sure I'll be posting! Have a great weekend everyone!


Karen said...

That wasn't boring!!! Anyways, I think boring is good. When there's too much to report, what are the odds that most of it will be good? LOL!!!

Minilegs said...

at least you got your put off list done..I'm still looking at mine :(